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Are Commercial Hustler Mowers Worth the Cost?

are commercial hustler mower costs worth it?

As a commercial property owner or manager, maintaining the appearance of your outdoor space is crucial – but so is maintaining your budget.

While commercial Hustler mowers are some of the best commercial zero turns on the market today, they can cost an average of anywhere between $4,000 – $12,000! At that price point, you may be wondering if this powerhouse of a lawn mower is worth the investment.

As your trusted friends in the outdoor power equipment industry, we’re happy to affirm that commercial Hustler mowers are worth every penny. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss what makes Hustler one of the best commercial zero turn brands available, as well as calling-out a few of their very best models. Stay tuned to learn more – or contact your nearest PowerPro Equipment location now for competitive Hustler mower pricing!


What Makes Hustler the Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower Brand?

If you’re searching for a commercial zero turn mower that is a worthwhile investment, look no further than Hustler. This brand delivers unmatched durability, efficiency, and precision, proving that its price tag is money well spent.

Best commercial mower brands in the USA

Here are 6 unique advantages that make commercial Hustler mowers some of the most valuable tools money can buy…

  • SmoothTrak Steering: One of the key advantages of Hustler mowers (both residential and commercial models) is their superior SmoothTrak engineering, developed over decades of experience. This innovative design allows for smoother, more precise steering, making it easier to maneuver around obstacles and create precise lines when mowing.
  • Integrated Park Brake: Another standout feature of Hustler mowers is their integrated park brake system. Unlike traditional mowers, which require a separate parking brake to be engaged before turning off the engine, commercial Hustler mowers feature an integrated park brake in their twin-lever design. This patented design ensures that the brake is engaged automatically when the levers are moved outward, providing a safe and reliable way to secure the mower in place.
  • Fabricated Decks: Only the best commercial zero turn mowers feature high-quality welded-steel decks, designed to withstand even the harshest conditions. Commercial Hustler mowers are made from heavy-gauge steel and reinforced with impact areas, so these decks are built to last and can help prolong the life of your mower. Whether you are dealing with rough terrain, thick grass, or other challenging conditions, Hustler’s fabricated decks can handle it all with ease!
  • Tough Frames: With all the of commercial models including the Hustler Fastrack, Z-Series and X-one, you’ll appreciate an ultra-tough frame that has been tested for thousands of hours on concrete test tracks. They feature flawlessly fabricated welded-steel frames, thick front axels and forks with heavy-duty caster yokes to help every mower last for years!
  • Simple Design: As one of the best commercial zero turn names in the industry, Hustler is known for designing equipment that their customers can work on themselves, without the need for costly repairs or complicated maintenance procedures. That’s why Hustler engineers both their residential and commercial mowers with easy serviceability in mind, featuring flip-up seat pans and other user-friendly design elements.
  • Precision Cut Quality: With decks that are engineered to create clean, crisp cuts, Hustler mowers stand out from the competition. This precision comes from decades of learning about how the airflow inside the deck can stand grass blades up during the cut, resulting in an even trim and defined stripes!


Top-Rated Commercial Hustler Models: Fastrak, Super & More

If you’re looking for a commercial zero turn mower that offers exceptional value for your investment, Hustler should be at the top of your list. The Hustler Super Z mowers, Fastrak series and X-one are all phenomenal options providing unmatched performance.


Hustler Fastrak Mower Series Commercial Zero Turn Mowers from Hustler

The Hustler Fastrak Mower is the perfect choice for homeowners and landscapers alike who are looking for a reliable, efficient, and easy-to-use zero turn mower. With a cutting width of up to 60 inches, a powerful engine, and a comfortable seat, this mower makes quick work of any lawn, leaving you with a professional-looking finish every time.

Shop Hustler Fastrak Mowers


Hustler Super Z Mower Series Commercial Hustler Mower Model

The Hustler Super Z Series is the ultimate commercial zero turn mower, designed for professionals who demand the very best. With cutting widths ranging from 60 to 104 inches, a top speed of 14 mph, and a variety of engine options to choose from, this mower delivers unmatched power, precision, and speed.

Shop Hustler Super Z Mowers


Hustler X-One Mower Hustler commercial zero turn mower for sale

A true workhorse, the Hustler X-One mower is built to handle the toughest mowing jobs with ease. Featuring a welded steel frame, powerful engine, and hydro-gear transmission, this mower delivers maximum durability, efficiency, and precision. With a cutting width of up to 60 inches and a comfortable seat, the Hustler X-One is the perfect choice for homeowners and landscapers who need a reliable and high-performing zero turn mower.

Shop Hustler X-One Mowers Shop all Commercial Hustler Mowers


Shop ALL The Best Commercial Zero Turn Mowers from Hustler!

At the end of the day, when it comes to commercial zero turn mowers, there’s only one brand that can truly hold its own – Hustler. These mowers aren’t just worth their cost – they’re worth every moment you’ll spend using them.

At PowerPro Equipment, we’re proud to offer the Hustler commercial mowers. From powerful engines to unbeatable maneuverability, our selection has it all. So why wait? Say goodbye to subpar mowing experiences and hello to the best commercial zero turn mowers in the business – shop Hustler at PowerPro Equipment today!

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