Friday May 21, 2021

The eNVy Neighborhood Vehicle for Sale at PowerPro

envy neighborhood vehicle for sale

We’re proud to offer one of the most unique, headline-making pieces of home equipment: the eNVy electric vehicle. While we often hear it compared to a deluxe golf cart or camp cart, the eNVy truly is in a class of its own as far as style, features, and innovation are concerned. Since we currently offer the eNVy neighborhood vehicle for sale at PowerPro, we encourage you to learn more — and to schedule your test drive today.

At PowerPro Equipment, we’re the equipment dealer that PA and MD turn to for home and business equipment. While we are known for our flagship lines of zero-turn mowers, we provide a wide range of equipment for your home, yard, and beyond! Discover all the reasons why this unique piece of home equipment has become a sensation and see the eNVy neighborhood vehicle for sale here!

The Perfect Camp Cart & So Much More

camping golf cart

When the eNVy burst on to the scene, it gained immediate recognition as a great camp cart or camping golf cart. People loved bringing one of these elite units along to the campsite or RV park. However, that’s not the only use for this piece of equipment — here are just a few ways people use the eNVy:

  • Retirement Home Transportation — Many retirement home residents give up driving cars but want to stay mobile in their communities. This electric vehicle is great for traversing these close communities!
  • Campsite & RV Park Fun — While it isn’t designed to take the place of an ATV, this electric camping golf cart can make camping even more exciting.
  • Family Rides around the Neighborhood — An exciting way for the family to spend time together, many people like to make cruising around the neighborhood a great bonding activity.

All about the eNVy Electric Vehicle

envy electric vehicle

Built by the same company behind the legendary Spartan Mowers, the eNVy electric vehicle is designed to provide families with a unique way to traverse their neighborhoods. Built in the USA, the vehicle pairs rugged-quality construction with innovative ideas and luxury features. Here’s what makes this a truly one-of-a-kind piece of equipment:

  1. Superior Electric Motor & Battery — As a fully electric vehicle, the engine takes its power completely from the rechargeable battery system. When the eNVy batteries are fully charged, you can expect to be able to travel a range of 13 to 17 miles — however, we’ve seen it perform for longer distances as well! To fully recharge the vehicle, simply plug it in and wait 10 to 13 hours to fully recharge. When using this as a camping golf cart, you’ll appreciate the extra long battery life.
  2. Quiet Electric Power — While the electric motor may be long lasting and powerful, it is extremely quiet. Less noisy than your average lawn mower, the eNVy neighborhood vehicle turns heads thanks to its great style rather than loud engine. This makes it easy to have a pleasant conversation as you and the family cruise through your neighborhood or retirement community.
  3. Regenerative Breaking — Also used in Tesla cars, the eNVy electric vehicle utilizes regenerative breaking to recharge the battery actively while driving. This advanced feature is responsible for the incredible battery life and large distance range.
  4. Deluxe Seats — The eNVy neighborhood vehicle makes the ride comfortable, in large part due to its deluxe and comfortable seats. This is just one more design feature that puts your enjoyment front and center!
  5. Tons of Storage — While the look may be modern and minimal, the eNVy packs ample storage space. Large storage compartments are located both under the hood and under the rear seats. By building these hidden areas into the vehicle structure, it proves to be extremely roomy — while looking 100% sleek.
  6. Aluminum Wheels & Radial Tires — Quality design and construction come standard everywhere on eNVy electric vehicles. One more illustration of that is the durable aluminum wheels and radial tires. This allows the eNVy to drive on the streets of your neighborhood and elsewhere.
  7. Keyless Ignition — An innovative and convenient feature, the eNVy doesn’t require a key to start — all it requires is a passcode. Homeowners love this because it’s one less thing to remember and they don’t have to carry the key everywhere with them if they want to ride.

When it comes to UTVs and personal vehicles, the eNVy truly is a game changer. If you want to see one in person and take it for a test drive, PowerPro is an official eNVy dealer. Contact us to schedule your test drive and get details about neighborhood vehicles for sale.

An eNVy Dealer and Much More

While we are so excited to be an official eNVy dealer, this is just the beginning of what we offer homeowners and business owners. We’re a destination for the elite mowers, snow equipment, and more that make tackling your outdoor chores easy and satisfying. In addition to that, we’re also a full-service equipment repair shop, servicing equipment for your backyard as well as the job site. One of the best ways to find out everything that PowerPro offers is to pay a visit to any of our convenient showrooms throughout Pennsylvania!

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Test Drive the eNVy Neighborhood Vehicle Today

While we can tell you all about the eNVy, the best way to understand the difference is to take it for a test drive. As an official eNVy dealer, we have several eNVy neighborhood vehicles for sale for you to explore. If you’re interested, contact us right now and schedule your test drive today!

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