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Friday July 8, 2022

2022’s Best Edgers for Lawns & Landscapes – Picked by the Pros

best stihl edgers for sale

You decided it’s finally time to treat yourself to a new lawn edger! All it takes is one step into the hardware store or a few searches on the internet to get overwhelmed by a profuse array of landscape edgers all claiming to be the best.

In today’s blog, we’ll ease your mind and guide your search by sharing what the experts consider to be the best edgers for lawns in today’s market! We’re taking you though the top 3 options for the best lawn edgers of 2022, as well as where you can purchase them.

Keep reading to learn more and find the best landscape edger for your needs!

stihl edgers for sale


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Lawn Edger in 2022?

Don’t make a rash decision when it comes to the equipment that cares for your yard.

There are several important factors that we took into consideration when naming our choices for best edgers for lawns, and so should you! Whether you are just learning how to properly treat your landscaping or you are a seasoned pro, here are the 3 factors to evaluate when shopping for the best landscape edgers:

  1. Power: Is the power source gas, electric, battery, etc.? What is the blade speed?
  2. Weight: The lighter the weight, the easier it will be to manipulate!
  3. Shaft design: Straight shafts offer different advantage than curved shafts, make sure you know the difference.

Ultimately, not even the best edger for your lawn will make your yard look incredible on its own. To accomplish that truly gorgeous landscaping, you’ll need a team of tools all working together! See the best lawn care tools for fall  or learn more about the best zero turn mower brands here.


Best Landscape Edgers

When it comes to high-quality, American made power tools, Stihl is one of the top names to trust. You’ll notice how each of the suggested models below are Stihl edgers for sale. This is because many agree that the best edgers for lawncare professionals and homeowners alike are produced by this well-known brand.

For the homeowner who wants something simple, yet effective…

2022 best edger for lawn

Introducing the best landscape edger for casual residential use, the FC 56 C-E by Stihl! This lightweight lawn edger is ideal for giving your home that professionally landscaped look – without the professionally landscaped price. What makes this Stihl edger for sale unique is its smart Easy2Start system that eliminates the need for a hefty pull of the starting cord. For its overall convenience factor and affordable price tag, we deem Stihl’s FC 56 C-E model the best landscape edger for homeowners in 2022.

Best purchase I’ve made in a long time. Edges better than my previous edger and makes my lawn look much better” – Retsuppo

What we love about the FC 56 C-E Edger:

  • Over 8,000 rpm
  • Made in USA
  • Easy2Start system
  • Adjustable depth wheel
  • Lightweight (only 13.5 lbs)
Get FC 56 C-E Pricing


For the professional who wants speed and accuracy…

best landscape edger

Stihl’s FC 111 is the best landscape edger for you! This is Stihl’s most powerful extensive-use lawn edger with 10% more engine power than their previous models. It has 30% longer run times which means your team can use it longer in between fueling. This is the best edger for lawncare professionals because it is specially crafted to include a larger surface area for better filtration, extended service intervals and increased product life. Overall, this is a solid investment at a reasonable price!

As a commercial lawn maintenance company, we literally edge miles of concrete a week. Stihl brings the power and dependability we need with the FC111. Ergonomics are also very important when you’re using equipment all day, and this edger is spot on.”– Jason2700

Why we love the FC 111:

  • Straight shaft
  • Open guard design
  • High speed & lightweight
  • Made in USA
  • Designed for long-lasting life
Get FC 111 Pricing


For anyone who wants high-performance with low emissions…

finding the best lawn edger for you

Consider the FC 70 model from Stihl for the best lawn edger that combines a fuel-efficient engine with 8,300 rpm! It features advanced fuel saving technology and cutting-edge performance that saves you time and money with longer run times and fewer refuels. This lawn edger also allows you to select your preferred cutting depth with its simple adjustable wheel depth. Both homeowners and landscaping professionals can trust the FC 70 as one of the most reliable, environmentally friendly Stihl edgers for sale!

Great product that does a great job! Powerful while being lightweight and manageable.”– Ronnie23

Why we love the FC 70:

  • Curved shaft
  • Reduced emission engine technology
  • Adjustable depth wheel
  • Made in USA
  • Extremely high rmp
Get FC 70 Pricing


What Is the Best Lawn Edger for You?

At PowerPro Equipment, we carry a full line of Stihl edgers for sale in each of our locations across PA. Plus, when you choose us as your Stihl edger supplier, you even get a complimentary 2 year residential or 90-day professional warranty! Our experts are highly trained in all of the Stihl edgers for sale – and we would be happy to help you find the best landscape edger for you.

If you’ve read through our best edger for lawn care recommendations and are still unsure of which model may be best for your specific needs, please feel free to contact your nearest PowerPro Equipment!

Reach us by sending us an email, giving us a call, or visiting a location near you.


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