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Thursday October 21, 2021

What to Look for in Your Best First Tractor

best first tractor

A utility tractor is a must-own piece of equipment for many professionals, farmers, homeowners, and more. Without a reliable tractor, you simply won’t be able to do many important jobs. If you’re buying your first new tractor — or just your first tractor in a long while — there’s a lot to consider. We’re highlighting the key traits of the best first tractor for maximum efficiency and convenience.

At PowerPro Equipment, we’re the heavy equipment headquarters that offers a wide range of utility tractors, construction equipment, zero turn mowers, and much more. As an official Branson dealer, this is the brand that earns our recommendation as the best first tractor for most people. Keep reading to see the key traits that set Branson apart — or reach out to schedule your test drive!

Must-Have Traits of the Best Utility Tractors

best utility tractors

The best utility tractors (especially entry level tractors) are built to provide the power you need in an easy-to-use machine. Not only is Branson our choice for your first tractor, but Branson was just named the #1 brand for Overall Dealer Satisfaction in the 2021 Equipment Dealers Association Annual Survey. In particular, Branson Tractors was celebrated in the categories of overall satisfaction, part quality, technical support, warranties and more.

See the must-have traits of any tractor that you’re considering investing in:


Especially for a first tractor, the maneuverability of the unit is key. An easy-to-drive, intuitive-to-steer machine will ensure you’re able to do your work — and it’ll make it less likely you crash into something when driving. Branson tractors are known for great maneuverability thanks to their compact frames and well-designed handling. While maneuverability is necessary for the best first tractor you buy, veteran operators will certainly notice (and appreciate) this upgrade.

Offered at a Great Price

Bottom line: the best utility tractor is one you can afford. Since buying a new tractor means it will be more reliable than a heavily used option, keeping an eye on the price is essential. One of the main reasons we elected to augment our inventory with Branson was their fantastic performance at a nearly unbeatable price point. Branson offers the 2205H tractor that starts under $13,000. Without sacrificing quality or capacity, this budget-friendly model is a great example of the best first tractor. In addition to that specific unit, the entire Branson line tends to be very affordable.

Backed By a Stellar Warranty

One of the best ways to tell how much faith you should put in a product is to see how much confidence its manufacturer has in it. For this, the warranty will tell you everything you need to know. You can count on all of the best utility tractors to come backed by a no-hassle warranty. All Branson tractors come backed by at least a 1,000-hour, six year manufacturer’s warranty. Having access to this level of protection is one of the key reasons to invest in a new tractor!

Equipped with a Quick Attach Loader

It doesn’t matter if this is your first tractor or if you have decades of experience with this type of equipment — everybody just wants things to be easier. Just one more reason Branson earns our endorsement is due to how the loader is integrated into the design. This quick attach loader can be connected or removed in under 5 minutes — without using any tools whatsoever. In addition to the easy attachment and detachment, these loaders connect to the rear tractor axle for maximum strength and less sway when driving.

Finished with a Solid Exterior

While the drive train, loaders, and internal components are what you’ll rely on for years of hard work, the exterior matters, too. A cheaply finished exterior that rusts just creates more problems and headaches that working people don’t have time to deal with. That’s why it’s worth considering the tractor’s exterior when shopping around. All Branson exteriors are designed to resist weathering thanks to their powder coating finish. This protects the paint from fading in the sun, while preventing exposed plastic or fiberglass pieces from cracking.

See our complete Branson inventory here.

Factory Trained Maintenance & Repair Staff

Not only is PowerPro the destination to buy high-quality new and used equipment, but we also provide the heavy equipment service that keeps it running smoothly for years. Our factory trained technicians are a resource that you can rely on for problems large and small. Firstly, our crew is factory trained in all of the models we carry — and we can come to you for your equipment maintenance. In addition to performing much-needed repairs, count on our experts for the routine maintenance that keeps your equipment in peak shape!

Shop for the Best First Tractor Here

There’s no question that the Branson brand is our choice for the best first tractor for a wide range of homeowners, hobbyists, and professionals. The advantages, performance, and price all come together in a series of standout machines.

We strive to keep a variety of Branson Tractors in stock. If you want to get a feel for the product, reach out now to schedule a test drive at one of our convenient locations!

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