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Best Lawn Care Tools for Fall: Shopping Guide

best lawn care tools

While spring cleaning may get most of the attention, there’s a lot of yard work to be done during the fall, too. From keeping your property in shape to keeping your yard leaf-free, you have plenty of work to do before winter hits. The right equipment goes a long way towards making the work physically easier and more effective, too — that’s why we’re showcasing the best lawn care tools for fall!

At PowerPro Equipment, we’re the power equipment dealer that specializes in everything homeowners and professionals need. While we are widely known for our zero turn mowers and utility tractors, we are very proud to be a Stihl Elite dealer with a wide range of the best lawn care tools! Explore our shopping guide — and visit one of our conveniently located showrooms to try and buy today!

Fall Yard Clean Up Guide & Equipment

Fall can be an intense time for keeping your yard in top shape. While we do enjoy a break from the hot weather, there are more maintenance chores that need done in the fall — and it’s a great time to tackle projects you may have put off during the summer. Check out our fall yard clean up guide equipment recommendations:

Leaf Blowers

fall yard clean up guide

Depending on the number of trees around your home, this one purchase represents huge time savings. Having a leaf blower circumvents hours of strenuous labor with rakes and tarps. The BG 86 C-E is our first recommendation for a top-of-the-line leaf blower from Stihl. This durable, fully handheld blower provides 190 MPH of blowing power in an easy-to-use-package. For example, the BG 86 C-E has an easy start function and an easy grip, and it comes in at just $279.99. And one of the best bargains we offer is the BG 50 which provides 159 MPH for just $139.99!

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best lawn care edger

Even the best zero turn mowers leave behind pieces of grass that you need to go back and trim with an edger. In our breakdown of the best lawn care tools, we have a great option for this chore. For a precise and powerful piece of edging equipment, we recommend the Stihl FC 56 C-E. This edger offers an 8-inch blade and a curved shaft for ensuring that no strip of grass escapes — no matter if it’s close to your house or in another hard-to-reach area. With a sale price of $259.99, this is one of the most budget-friendly Stihl edgers you’ll find!

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trimmer for fall yard clean up

A fantastic piece of year-round equipment, trimmers allow you to cut down weeds and brush with ease. The cutting power of a trimmer comes from the gas engine that drives either saw-style blades or high velocity strings. The FS 360 C-EM has an extremely effective circular saw blade that will give you unbeatable power to cut through any type of shrub, weed, or plant, no matter how big. This high-efficiency power tool costs $999.95. If you’re willing to sacrifice the saw blade, you can enjoy other advantages and a great price. For example, the FS 111 RX provides anti-vibration upgrades and a lightweight frame, all for $379.99!

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best lawn care chainsaw

Chain sawing plays an important part in our fall yard clean up guide. This is the perfect time of year to saw off excessive branches or even cut down entire trees that you no longer want on your property. In addition, if you want to build a fire on a brisk fall night, the right chainsaw makes cutting the logs easy. Since Stihl builds so many outstanding chainsaws, you have countless options. For many homeowners, we recommend the MS 311 which weighs under 14 pounds yet boasts a guide bar length of 16”-25” — all for $549.99! However, if you want to bring home the Stihl power at a more budget-friendly price point, check out the MS 171, which is shorter but costs $209.99!

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Make Sure to Stock up On Protective Work Gear

Tackling the chores in this fall yard clean up guide is second nature to most homeowners. However, safety concerns still warrant a place in this conversation. When you invest in one of the market-best lawn care tools, you should also think about investing in protective work gear to go with it. Stihl makes a wide array of protective work gear that includes heavy-duty gloves, ear and eye-protection, as well as several other pieces. You can see and shop that gear at PowerPro, too!

Our take: when you upgrade to a higher horsepower piece of power equipment, upgrade your safety equipment as well.

Shop the Best Lawn Care Tools Here

At PowerPro, we make it our mission to equip you with EVERYTHING you need to feel in control as you handle your property. We stock and specialize in the best lawn care tools for fall and every other season. We encourage you to stop by one of our six convenient locations to learn more about our inventory and to get a feel for your new lawn arsenal.

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