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Wednesday November 18, 2020

Our Guide to the Best Snow Removal Equipment

best snow removal equipment

Whether we have an easy winter or we get slammed with blizzard after blizzard, you need a snow removal plan. There’s no feeling worse than facing down deep powder completely unequipped — with nothing but a few shovels. Whether you’re a homeowner with a driveway or you lead a facility maintenance team, winter weather is a problem. In today’s blog, we’re profiling the best snow removal equipment for both homeowners and professionals alike!

At PowerPro Equipment, we’re the power equipment headquarters that serves homeowners and businesses alike in PA and beyond. We offer everything from zero-turn mowers to tractors, and we have a huge inventory of the best snow removal equipment, too. Keep reading to see some of our recommendations or reach out to our team to get prices and to schedule your test drive!

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Traits of the Best Residential Snow Blowers

best residential snow blowers

For most homeowners facing down a long driveway packed with snow, a heavy-duty snow blower is their key to keeping the asphalt clear and their backs free from pain. Simply put, once you upgrade from a shovel to a blower, you’ll never go back. While we offer a wide range of snow blowers, the toughest and best residential snow blowers have a few key elements in common:

  1. Can Handle Over a Foot of Snow — The best residential snow blowers can easily tackle over a foot of snow. While lighter duty snow blowers struggle with anything more than a foot deep, the large blades and powerful mowers of a heavy-duty two-stage snow blower will have no problem. Being able to handle more than a foot of snow at a time is crucial because otherwise you’ll have to head out partway through the blizzard to snow blow your driveway.
  2. Won’t Get Stuck in Wet Snow — As you’d expect, wet and dense snow proves more of a problem than light and fluffy snow. A tough two-stage snow blower can handle any type of snowfall with the same ease. This is key since those dense snowfalls are the ones that make shoveling truly difficult in the first place.

    Learn more about the difference between a single-stage vs a two-stage snow blower.
  3. Has Power Steering Available — While the power to handle any snowfall is the main trait of the best residential snow blowers, power steering comes in as a close second. This ability to control each wheel individually makes it easier to put all that snow throwing power exactly where you want it.
  4. From a Reputable Brand — As is the case with all of the best snow removal equipment, you can feel better buying from a brand you’ve heard of and that has a stellar reputation. When it comes to snow blowers, we proudly sell Husqvarna, Toro, and Honda.

Done shoveling your driveway? Reach out to test drive and buy your snow blower today!

Our Picks for the Best Snow Removal Tractors

best snow removal tractors

While snow blowers may be the preferred option for sidewalks and driveways, commercial properties often need a bigger solution. We recommend both Mahindra and Ventrac brands as the best snow removal tractors on the market. Each of these leading brands provides distinct advantages that make them a smart investment for your property. Here’s why both brands have earned a place among the best snow removal equipment options:


Specifically-designed Ventrac snow removal tractors provide unbeatable versatility for clearing snow from your grounds. Whether you opt for a sidewalk snow vehicle or a full riding tractor, you’ll be extremely satisfied with the efficiency and the options. The versatile attachments of these snow removal tractors mean you can switch from a blower to a plow or a broom in a matter of minutes. Each of these attachments will be ideal for handling different types of snowfall.


A nationally-known brand, Mahindra tractors earns its position among the best snow removal tractors thanks to several key advantages they provide. Firstly, many Mahindra tractors offer an unparalleled 7-year powertrain warranty. This is a crucial advantage as regularly plowing deep snow can be hard on your powertrain — but this warranty keeps you protected. In addition to that, the cabs on all Mahindra tractors are known to be spacious, which can make hours of plowing more comfortable for you. From a versatility standpoint, Mahindra snow removal tractors offer quick disconnect options that make switching between a snow pusher box or a plow blade easy.

Both of these brands easily qualify as the best snow removal tractors on the market. Schedule time for a test drive to decide which one you prefer!

Get Prices on the Best Snow Removal Equipment

This winter you’re going to be fully-equipped for whatever the job requires! At PowerPro Equipment, we make it our mission to provide the best snow removal equipment on the market to homeowners and professionals alike.

The first step is to reach out to our team to get prices, to get answers to your questions, and to schedule your test drive!

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