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Best Zero Turn Mower Brands

best zero turn mower brands

Zero turn mowers are quickly becoming an in-demand choice for homeowners and landscapers alike. Compared to tractor model riding mowers, zero turns are more maneuverable and can cut the time you spend mowing in half. If you’re looking to upgrade, you have tons of options, and it can be hard to know where you should invest your money. At PowerPro, we stock the best zero turn mower brands — which we consider to be Hustler, Spartan, Gravely, and Toro.

One of the best ways to find the mower that’s right for you is to test drive all of your options and find the one that feels right — and we welcome you to visit any of our convenient showrooms to do just that! However, if you want to do a little research about the price and what makes for the best zero turn mower brands, we can give you all the info you need to get started!

Top Zero Turns: Looking at Hustler & Spartan In-Depth

While all four of these top zero turn brands make a worthy choice for your home or lawn care business, we want to profile Hustler and Spartan in a little greater detail. Both of these brands have a lot in common, like the option for powerful Kawasaki engines and extremely durable frames backed by lifetime warranties. However, there are some key differences between the best zero turn mower brands that can help you make your decision. See why each of these has emerged as a national leader for both commercial and residential mowers!

Brand Profile: Hustler Zero Turns

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Hustler Mowers is credited with inventing the world’s first zero turn mower more than fifty years ago — and that innovative streak has stayed with the brand in the decades that have followed. Hustler Mowers are designed to provide solutions that make a difference to the hard-working people who use their products. When new Hustler models are being developed, they are often designed using feedback from real users and experts in the field. These are some of the key practical advantages that make Hustler one of the top zero turns on the market:

  • Comfortable Mowing — Solving problems often starts with addressing real problems users have. That’s why Hustler Mowers are built with an ergonomic design for maximum comfort.
  • Incredibly Precise Cut — The Hustler commitment to constant innovation and improvement has led to extremely precise cutting every time.
  • One of the Best Entry Level Mowers — Even if you have a fairly small yard, you can take advantage of the top zero turn mowers. Hustler Dash is a zero turn built for yards that are less than an acre, while still providing true Hustler precision, starting under $2,500!
  • 5-Year warranty for Commercial Mowers — While the warranties between the top zero turns are fairly comparable for the most part, Hustler does offer a standout five-year warranty on certain commercial mowers!
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Brand Profile: Spartan Zero Turns

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While Hustler may be the original zero turn mower, Spartan is fairly new to the market, bursting onto the scene in 2015. In addition to providing all of the practical prerequisites needed to compete with the other top zero turns, Spartan Mowers boast an eye-catching, aggressive style and tons of power! Here’s what sets this headline making brand apart from all of the rest:

  • Powerful Engines — Spartan mowers are known for their powerful Kawasaki, Briggs and Vanguard engines. While both Spartan and Hustler offer 37 HP engines, Spartan models generally deliver more horsepower than other brands in the same class. This extra power makes mowing with a Spartan even faster than what you’re used to. Plus, you’ll love taking command of all of that power every time you turn the key.
  • Come with Radial Tires — This is one of the traits that sets Spartan Mowers apart. Spartans come with radial tires that allow for great maneuverability and a comfortable ride. If this matters to you, this may be the factor that makes Spartan the best zero turn mower brand for you!
  • Great Style — Not only will this mower impress your friends, but you’re going to feel a sense of pride climbing aboard your new Spartan to conquer your lawn or tackle the job every time. While style isn’t everything, you can’t deny that Spartan mowers look downright cool — and that matters!
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Trust PowerPro for Maintenance & Repairs

Whichever one of these top zero turns you invest in, you’ll be sure to enjoy years of reliable performance. To make sure you get the most out of all of your equipment, we offer expert repair and maintenance services for all types of mowers. If you need an emergency repair, our team can come to you — or you can stop by one of our convenient locations. On the other hand, our off-season mower maintenance plan is how smart homeowners and professionals ensure that their equipment is ready for the first day of spring.

When it comes to servicing these leading zero turn mower brands, we are uniquely qualified. Not only do we have technicians that are factory certified in every single one of these lines, but we also have the largest Hustler parts inventory on the entire East Coast.

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Test Drive the Best Zero Turn Mower Brands

Want to experience the power of Spartan or pilot an ultra-precise Hustler? Try both and see which you like better! If you invest in any of the best zero turn mower brands, you’ll be 100% satisfied. When you’re ready to get started, reach out to our team to get answers and to schedule your test drive!

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