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How to Drive a Zero Turn Mower

how to drive a zero turn mower

For maximum efficiency, cutting power, and even comfort, you’re going to want to upgrade to a zero turn mower. It’s no coincidence that these heavy-duty mowers are almost exclusively used by lawn professionals to deliver better cuts in way less time. However, if you’ve only had experience with a riding tractor or a push mower, the unique control layout of a zero turn can seem daunting. That’s why we’re highlighting the basics of how to drive a zero turn mower and sharing essential tips!

At PowerPro Equipment, we’re the equipment headquarters that both homeowners and professionals trust. While we offer a wide range of tractors, handhelds, and much more, zero turn mowers are one of our signature products. Learn more about how to drive a zero turn mower and schedule a test drive at one of our 8 convenient locations!

Driving a Zero Turn Lawn Mower: The Basics & Differences

driving a zero turn lawn mower

There’s no question that driving a zero turn lawn mower is different from a riding tractor — or even a car. While the setup control and control scheme are different, they are also the source of the machine’s signature turning radius and unbeatable efficiency. After just a few minutes to get the hang of it, we’re confident that you’ll prefer the power and precision of a zero turn to the traditional style.

Here are the basic differences and how to drive a zero turn mower:

  1. Two Handles, No Steering Wheel — One of the biggest adjustments to driving a zero turn lawn mower is that there is no steering wheel. To drive you use two handles — one that controls the right-side wheels and one that controls the left. Plus, there is no gas pedal or brake system. The handles control the acceleration, and the braking is built into them as well.
  2. Moving Forward — To drive forward, you simply push both handles forward at the same time. By pushing both handles forward the same amount you move forward in a straight line.
  3. Turning — The efficient turns are one of the best reasons why driving a zero turn lawn mower is so great. In order to turn, you simply need to push one of the handles forward, but not the other. This will cause you to turn in the direction opposite of the handle you used. This works because the steering handles are completely independent and control their own set of wheels. We often describe turning a zero turn mower to feel like turning a shopping cart.
  4. Backing Up & Stopping — The opposite of accelerating forward, to back up, you’ll want to pull directly back on the handles simultaneously. If you want to stop moving, simply return the handles to the neutral position to stop.

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Are Zero Turn Mowers Hard to Drive?

are zero turn mowers hard to drive

Zero turn mowers have never been more popular with homeowners than right now — and it isn’t hard to see why. We hear from so many people who want to conquer their yard in less time and actually enjoy mowing the lawn, however, they’re still unsure. In fact, one of the most common questions we get is, “Are zero turn mowers hard to drive?” Although it is different than what you were used to, it is not difficult, and most people find it very intuitive. The hardest thing to do is to get over the mental hump of trying something a little different! Plus, our team of on-staff experts can teach you everything you need to know about driving a zero turn lawn mower!

While reading about how to drive a zero turn mower can give some people an idea, others will get the hang of it by trying it! That’s why we offer test drives at our convenient locations, so you can get a hands-on feel before you buy. So, if you’re wondering “Are zero turn mowers hard to drive?” — find out for yourself and be pleasantly surprised!

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Learn How to Drive a Zero Turn Mower with PowerPro

This is the best thing you can do to get the most out of your mower — and the best way to make sure the first time you cut in the spring, the experience is better than you remember. We know homeowners and professionals appreciate PowerPro over the big box stores because of our line-up of elite brands and the individual attention we give to customers. Our experts can help match you to the perfect mower for your lawn, your budget, and your experience level. Plus, we’re always happy to teach you how to drive a zero turn mower — and give you ample time for test drives!

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