Monday April 6, 2020

It’s Time to Transition to a Zero Turn Mower and Here’s Why


Everyone loves the smell of freshly cut grass. Unless, of course, you’re the one spending long Saturday afternoons mowing a vast sea of green with a typical lawn tractor.

While commercial lawn care services have long embraced the benefits of zero turn mowers to cut grass with more precision and efficiency, many consumers haven’t made the transition. That’s because zero turn mowers are typically larger and more expensive than most typical lawn tractors.

But, advances in technology are changing the mowing landscape. In fact, zero turn mowers are more affordable and efficient than ever. Many manufacturers have also begun producing compact zero turn models, like the Hustler Raptor, that appeal to homeowners with modest half-acre properties.

So if you haven’t looked at zero turn mowers lately, here are some reasons to consider making the switch.

Reduced Mowing Time

One of the best reasons to consider the transition to a zero turn mower is reduced mowing time. Zero turn mowers run faster than most lawn tractors, coming in at 6-10 mph. By contrast, the speed of the average lawn tractor is around 4 mph. Faster speeds allow you to cover more ground in less time, while also reducing overall run time. That means a quicker cut and longer mower life.

Even if you don’t crank up the speed, the larger cutting decks typically available on zero turn models let you cut more grass in fewer passes.

Of course, you’ll reap the biggest benefits in reduced mowing time if your lawn is flat and straight, with few obstacles or inclines. In these ideal conditions, a zero turn mower could easily cut your mowing time in half.

Tight Turns around Obstacles

While it would be nice to simply mow your lawn in a straight line, most of us don’t have that luxury. Fortunately, the maneuverability of zero turn mowers makes it easy to mow around trees, bushes, flower beds, and other obstacles.

Zero turn mowers are powered by a hydraulic drive system, which is controlled by left and right steering levers, called lap sticks. This allows either the front or rear wheels to operate independently, allowing you to turn on a dime, change direction, or get from one part of your yard to another more quickly.

The low center of gravity on most zero turn mowers also makes them a joy to drive, giving you more control in just about any mowing environment.

While there is a bit of a learning curve, steering a zero turn mower can be as simple as using a shopping cart once you get the hang of it.

Creature Comforts

In response to the demands of landscape professionals, zero turn mower manufacturers have added more comfort features to their mowers in recent years.

Many models feature comfortable seating and suspension systems designed for a smoother ride. Some models also include armrests and higher seat backs for additional support.

Spartan zero turn mowers, for example, offer a variety of features to maximize rider comfort, including easy touch braking systems, soft side radial tires for a smooth ride, ergonomic cockpit designs, and superior cushioning technology. These comfort features isolate riders from the terrain to reduce fatigue and maximize performance.

Less Trimming

If you hate weed-whacking after cutting your lawn, you should definitely consider the switch to a zero turn mower. That’s because zero turn mowers make it easy to get a precise cut around trees and other obstacles. You can even mow right next to flower beds and fencing without fear of damage.

While having a zero turn mower won’t eliminate every trimming job, you’ll be surprised how much trimming you can save with the advanced maneuverability of a zero turn mower.

Baseball Field Precision

Have you ever wondered how some homeowners get those perfect, crisscrossing stripes that rival the best baseball fields? The key is precision cutting that only a zero turn mower can provide.

While both lawn tractors and zero turn models offer precision cutting, only a zero turn gives you the flexibility to pivot 180 degrees quickly and easily. Plus, the wider decks on zero turn mowers make it easy to see exactly where you’re cutting, making it a snap to produce those precise stripes that make your lawn stand out from the rest.

Wondering About the Best Zero-Turn Mower Models for You?

Now that you know a bit more about the advantages of zero turn mowers, you might be wondering which model is best for you. We recently reviewed two of our favorite residential zero turn mowers. Check out Hustler Raptor vs. Spartan RZ.

No matter which zero turn mower you choose, we’re sure you’ll be delighted with the results. Just imagine mowing your lawn more quickly than ever before, effortlessly gliding around obstacles, cutting your trimming time, and basking in a perfect sea of green that only the precision of a zero turn can offer.

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