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Monday December 13, 2021

Lawn Mower Winter Maintenance: Basics & Benefits

lawn mower winter maintenance

As fall turns to winter, even the most powerful lawn mowers quickly become yesterday’s news. While there’s nothing wrong with putting your equipment in storage for the winter — just make sure you don’t forget a professional tune-up sometime over the colder months. Equipment experts and savvy homeowners agree: lawn mower winter maintenance is key to better mowing and maximizing the investment you made in this piece of equipment.

At PowerPro Equipment, we’re the East Coast power equipment headquarters with locations in PA and NJ. Not only do we provide a wide inventory of elite-quality lawn mowers, but we offer repair and strategic preventative maintenance services that save you time, money, and headaches. Here’s what our factory-trained technicians do as part of our lawn mower winter maintenance services:

  • Change oil and filters
  • Check engine RPMs, steering, belts, & other essentials
  • Clean and replace air filters
  • Look at fuel lines and filters
  • Replace one or more spark plugs as needed
  • Lubricate the machine
  • Adjust tire pressures, cables, throttle, and choke
  • Level the cutting deck for riding mowers
  • Sharpen and balance blades
  • Wash the mower exterior
  • Do a test run

Keep reading to get more details about how lawn mower maintenance over the winter makes a real difference for homeowners!

Why to Get a Lawn Mower Tune-Up: 4 Main Reasons

lawn mower tune-up

Winter is the season of holiday shopping and Black Friday. And if you’re like most people, the last thing you want to do over the winter is incur an unnecessary bill. However, a lawn mower tune-up is one of the most critical investments you can make in your mower, and it pays you back in more ways than one. Here are the four reasons why a winter tune-up is absolutely worth it!

  1. Prevent Breakdowns — By tuning up your mower over the winter, you make sure it runs smoothly all spring, winter, and fall. Our maintenance routine is designed to find and prevent issues before they happen. Right off the bat this prevents you from feeling the frustration of leaving your lawn half mowed and needing to borrow the neighbor’s mower. On top of that, emergency lawn mower repairs will very often be more expensive than the lawn mower tune-up, so you can save yourself a potentially substantial bill.
  2. Better Performance When It’s Time to Mow — When it’s finally time to take your mower out of storage after a long winter, you want it to feel fresh and powerful. An elite-level lawn mower winter maintenance regimen ensures that your mower runs and cuts even better than you remember!
  3. Extend Its Lifespan — Large zero turn mowers are a serious piece of heavy-duty equipment, and thus, a pretty serious investment. In order to get the most out of that investment, you want to ensure the mower lasts for as many years — and provides as many cuts — as possible. These thorough tune-ups have been 100% proven to extend the lifespan of a new mower!
  4. Discover Problems Early — If there is a serious problem with your equipment, a lawn mower tune-up will find it before it causes a breakdown. While it may still require a repair, it’s better to know about the issue when you have time to think through your decisions, as far as whether you want to repair or replace it. This becomes especially pressing the older your mower becomes.

    Learn more about whether it makes sense to repair or replace your mower.

Shop New Riding, Self-Propelled, and Zero Turn Models

When it comes to buying a mower from the nation’s top brands, PowerPro is the first place you need to go. Throughout PA and beyond, we are known for our lines of zero turn mowers, including Hustler, Spartan, Gravely, and Toro. If you’re new to zero turn, but are curious about their speed and power, read our zero turn buying guide!

The reason that we have so many repeat customers that trust us for their new mowers decade after decade is that our team members are extremely knowledgeable, and our inventory is huge. That means when you ask the tough, yet important questions about the mower you’re shopping for, you get a real answer from a subject matter expert. On top of that, because we have such a large inventory, you can always test drive before you buy!

Schedule Lawn Mower Winter Maintenance Now

This is the best thing you can do to get the most out of your mower — and the best way to make sure the first time you cut in the spring, the experience is better than you remember. We know you’re busy, so we make it easy to get the service you need. If you want to schedule lawn mower winter maintenance or ask any questions, simply give us a call or fill out our contact form to get started. Sign up before the end of December 2021 for a solid discount!

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