Friday October 19, 2018

Ready to Make Winter Fun Again?


Don’t let the thought of winter snow removal get you down this year. Here at PowerPro Equipment, we see winter storms as an Extreme Winter Challenge ready for conquering.

What’s our prescription for fun? More. Horsepower.

Be the envy of your neighborhood as you plow through the piles and melt that snow faster than the sun!

Winter? Snow? We say bring it on. And you will too when you get rid of that shovel and check out the power equipment that makes snow removal something to look forward to.

Clear that snow way before the guy next door

With powered snow removal equipment, including snow blowers, you can work so much faster at clearing snow, most especially deep snow, vs. shoveling. Won’t your neighbors be jealous when you’re moving on to spreading salt or standing back and admiring your work while they’re still breaking their backs shoveling out their cars? (Of course, if they’re lucky, maybe you’ll be willing to help them clear their walks and driveways, too – you’ll be the hero of the neighborhood!)

And, if you want to level up your snow removal game beyond pushing a snow blower and still having to spread salt by hand, may we suggest the best option all? A snow blower you can ride on! That is, in the form of a UTV or tractor outfitted with the proper attachments and/or a sturdy snowblade. Spoiler alert: we love Mahindra equipment for the choices the brand offers the true snow removal enthusiast.

Fun vs. back pain, sore arms, and injuries

If you’ve ever thrown out your back, suffered sore joints, arms, and legs, or took a nasty spill while shoveling or spreading salt, you’re not alone. A nationwide study from a few years ago looked at hospital emergency department/ER visits for snow shoveling-related injuries and returned some interesting results.

Did you know that shoveling hurts about 11,500 people badly enough each year that they seek emergency medical attention?

Also, the vast majority of these injuries – almost 96% — occurred in or around the home, which means most of the injured were removing snow on their own time, on their own or a neighbor/friend/loved one’s property, and not as part of a professional job.

It sure sounds like shoveling just isn’t worth the risk. And it’s definitely not fun, either. Luckily, there are snow blowers.

Wondering why most of those shoveling injuries are not happening to professionals on the job? It’s because they’re not shoveling to begin with. And you don’t have to either!

If you’ve never considered a snow blower before, or it’s been years since you’ve shopped, you may not realize all the advantages beyond saving your body and health. These include:

  • Lightweight portability
  • Power steering
  • Electric or gas-powered options
  • Heavy-duty build
  • Fantastic warranties
  • Fun to use! Blow that snow and conquer the worst winter can throw at you!

Snow blowers are also easier to store than ever before and feature space-saving designs for storage in the over-stuffed garages we all have.

Now is the time to buy

We know you may still be mowing and probably have just begun fall cleanup chores on your property, but it’s not too early to anticipate those frigid January snowstorms!

This winter, don’t struggle with that broken down old snow blower from ages ago…and definitely don’t shovel! Add some fun to your snow removal routine and never look back (or hurt your back) ever again!

Want to check out our snow blowers or talk options for the ultimate tractor or UTV snow removal experience? Visit your closest PowerPro location or get in touch with us now.

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