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Friday December 6, 2019

Should You Consider Battery-Powered Lawn Equipment?

Battery-Powered Lawn Equipment

The short answer to our headline question is yes. Battery-powered lawn equipment and other outdoor tools like blowers, chainsaws, and even mowers are better than ever with lengthy runtimes between charges and surprisingly robust power capabilities. However, there are still some drawbacks compared to traditional gas-powered lawn equipment.

Today’s blog post shares what you need to know as you think about dumping your old gas-powered equipment in favor of high-tech battery-powered models.

The Biggest Benefits of Battery-Powered Lawn Equipment Vs. Gas Power

It’s true that you probably already own lots of battery-powered tools if you’re an avid DIY-er. Power drills, nail guns, and many different types of saws—which used to be corded and electrically powered—have long been battery operated. Many tool brands tout the universal nature of their batteries, as well, which means you don’t need a slew of different chargers and battery sizes hanging around, which ups the convenience factor.

As battery technology has been improving in recent years, it’s become clear that these next-generation batteries—specifically lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries—can also replace gas engines. Just like they helped us cut the cord on electric power tools, Li-ion batteries are ushering in a new era of convenience in the power equipment arena, too. But, battery-powered equipment has a lot more benefits than just convenience.

Quiet Operation

Our friends at Husqvarna have shared research that suggests more than half of consumers—57 percent—would rather hire a landscaper who uses quiet equipment. And, many communities around the United States have been passing ordinances that cap noise levels produced by outdoor power equipment like leaf blowers.

It’s a fact that gas engines are noisy, and these consumer preferences and community rules are effectively prohibiting their use. Battery-powered lawn equipment makes much less noise based on how it is engineered.

No Messy Fuel to Deal With

Be honest—do you like going to the gas station to refill your mower gas cans? How about mixing fuel with oil for your two-stroke engine chainsaw? If so, you’re probably in the minority! Battery-powered lawn equipment requires no fuel, of course, and this fact alone has been enough to win over many property owners’ hearts.

Cheaper Operation

Along with the fact that battery-powered equipment doesn’t run on fuel is the advantage that you don’t have much of an ongoing cost with this equipment compared to gas-powered models. Batteries do wear out over time, but that usually happens over the course of a few years.

With gas-powered equipment, you must regularly buy fuel, and without regular engine maintenance, your equipment may be prone to breaking down. Battery-powered lawn equipment features electronically controlled drive systems that require less service over time.

More Environmentally Friendly

While it’s true that proper disposal of used batteries does create some environmental concerns, that’s sort of the only waste that battery-powered equipment produces. There is no harmful exhaust, unlike with gas engines. Those committed to organic lawn care will undoubtedly appreciate these cleaner and greener operations!

Luckily for the rest of us, there are many manufacturers that are now making entire ranges of tools that are compatible with a single battery. These tools are similar to how your handheld power tools all run on one battery type, as we already mentioned. So, your leaf blower, your chainsaw, and your walk-behind mower can all operate from the same battery now, too. (Of course, you will likely want to have at least two batteries on hand, so you don’t have downtime waiting for one to charge between mowing and blowing, for instance.)

Lighter Weight and Easier to Handle

Because battery-powered operations don’t require as many moving parts—or an onboard fuel tank—versus gas-powered equipment, battery tools are naturally lighter in weight. They also vibrate less, which means your arms and back won’t tire nearly as quickly as you work with battery-powered tools.

Gas Powered Tools Still Have Some Advantages

Battery-powered equipment certainly has a lot going for it. And if you’re the type of person who likes to try out the latest and greatest tech before everyone else you know, you’ll definitely want to check out Husqvarna’s battery equipment series, which we currently sell here at PowerPro. However, battery equipment may not be right for your needs across the board…yet.

More Power in Certain Situations

While battery-powered walk-behind lawn mowers have been gaining in popularity, those of us with larger properties that require riding mowers still won’t find many fully battery-powered options to replace our gas-powered riders.

Don’t get us wrong—there are some battery riding mowers now available in the marketplace, and you can discover plenty of user review videos on YouTube, as well. But these mowers are expensive compared to similar gas models, and most don’t come with all the comfort and convenience amenities of premium gas-powered riding mowers. Additionally, they have limited range—none can really cut more than about an acre or two between charges.

Lower Initial Cost

For a variety of reasons, battery-powered lawn equipment is still generally higher priced than comparable gas-powered equipment, and that fact drives many people to choose gas models. While research shows that only about 11 percent of consumers would definitely choose gas-powered equipment over that with a battery, many people state they want to purchase battery-powered equipment, it’s just too expensive up front.

What Does the Future of Battery Power Look Like in Lawn Equipment?

As technology continues to improve, there is little doubt that more lawn equipment manufacturers will begin to produce battery-powered mowers—both walk-behind and riding mowers. These mowers of the future will likely have excellent range and even better power capabilities than they have now.

The best news is that the prices will become more affordable for more homeowners, too. And this means your neighborhood will likely be a much quieter place on summer weeknights and Saturday mornings than ever before, as everyone gets their mowing done with battery power. Additionally, Husqvarna’s research suggests that the future also holds a lot more promise for robotic lawn mowers, too, but that’s a blog post for another day!

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