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Tuesday November 10, 2020

Snow Blower Buying Guide

snow blower buying guide

You’ve shoveled your last driveway — you’re ready to handle this winter like a professional. A snow blower is the essential piece of power snow removal equipment to help you conquer the winter. To narrow down your decision, we’ve put together this snow blower buying guide to help you find the right type of equipment for your needs and your budget.

At PowerPro, we’re an outdoor equipment dealer that carries a wide range of products including lawn mowers, tractors, snow removal equipment, and much more. One of the key questions that homeowners have is about the difference between single vs two stage snow blowers — and that’s what we’re answering today. Keep reading for the rest of our snow blower buying guide — or reach out to one of our knowledgeable team members!

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Key Question: Single Stage vs Two Stage Snow Blower

While there are countless makes and models of quality snow blowers, the most important choice you’ll make is single stage vs two stage snow blowers. Essentially, in a single stage snow blower, the main blade — or corkscrew — both pulls in and fires out the snow. However, in a two stage unit, the main blade pairs with a separate propulsion unit (the second stage) to launch the snow.

This difference in the way the machine is built makes for a big difference in the way it performs. We’re breaking down single stage vs two stage snow blowers right here:

Single Stage Snow Blowers

single stage snow blower

Single stage units are almost always smaller and lighter than their two stage counterparts. Generally built with a plastic blade and a plastic frame, they can be a great unit for lighter-duty work. Here’s what to expect:

  • Better at Handling a Few Inches of Snow — A single stage unit will be weaker than a dual stage unit, but for many homeowners that won’t matter. The difference in power determines how much snow you can handle at a time. A single stage unit can only handle a few inches of snow.
  • $450 to $900 Price Range — Since price is an important part of any snow blower buying guide, we’re giving a fairly safe price range. Since single stage units are less powerful and less complex, they are more affordable than their two stage counterparts. This is a great price point to start out at if you’re unsure of just how much use you’ll get from it.
  • 18 Inch to 21 Inch Intake Width — The wider the machine, the more snow it can throw at a time, meaning the faster your job goes. This will be smaller compared to a two stage snow blower, however it is still a good size for most homeowners.
  • Lighter and More Maneuverable — One of the key differences between single stage vs two stage snow blowers is that a single stage option will be lighter — thanks to the plastic construction. This means the unit will be easier to move and handle.
  • Can be Battery Operated — If you prefer electric power, we have good news! Single stage snow blowers can be made available with full battery power.

Two Stage Snow Blowers

two stage snow blower

In the next part of our snow blower buying guide, we profile the heavy-duty two stage snow blowers. The metal construction and extra power of two stage snow blowers make them a favorite for professionals and homeowners with large properties.

  • Can Handle a Foot of Snow — While a light-duty blower may be bested by a foot of snow, a two stage machine will make quick work of it.
  • Handle Extra Wet and Heavy Snow — Although lighter duty units may experience added trouble with dense and wet snow, the extra power of a two stage snow blower conquers these conditions with ease.
  • $1,000+ Price Point — The extra size and power come at a cost. While there is a wide range of price options for different models, you can expect the price to be higher across the board than single stage snow blowers.
  • 24 Inch to 32 Inch Intake Width — This is another important difference when comparing single stage vs two stage snow blowers. The added intake means you can work efficiently to get out of the cold faster!
  • Power Steering — When people have experience using both types of snow blowers, they generally say the two stage is easier to use. That comes from the inclusion of power steering that allows you to control each wheel individually.
  • Electric Start and More Accessories — This is the last point of our snow blower buying guide. Generally, two stage snow units have more accessories and options available. One of the most popular among these is the electric start option to make starting up the machine easier.

While snow removal was the focus of today’s blog, snow removal equipment is just the tip of the iceberg of what we offer at PowerPro Equipment. Homeowners and professionals alike trust us for their zero-turn mowers, lawn tractors, and all other types of outdoor power equipment!

Follow Up on this Snow Blower Buying Guide with a Test Drive

We hope our snow blower buying guide answered your big questions and helped you identify the type of unit you want. However, when it comes time to buy, your best bet is to reach out to our team or to come into one of our showrooms. Not only can our experienced team members give you more details about individual models, but we can even let you take your snow blower for a test run — minus the snow, of course!

Reach out today to get more details or to schedule your snow blower test drive!

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