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Wednesday April 27, 2022

The Best Riding Lawn Mower for 1 Acre

Best mower for homeowners with over 1 acre

When you have a significant lawn to mow and you don’t have the correct equipment, that weekly chore will monopolize a serious amount of your free time. The right mower can make your outdoor space manageable and give you back hours every week. Since speed and power are essential, the best riding lawn mower for 1 acre is almost certainly a zero turn mower.

At PowerPro Equipment, we’re the power equipment headquarters for both homeowners and professionals alike. We offer a huge inventory of zero turn mowers perfect for a wide range of different applications and different lawn sizes. Explore our picks for the best riding lawn mowers for 1 acre, featuring two of the nation’s top brands!


Zero Turn Mowers for 1 Acre: Spartan & Hustler

Spartan and Hustler consistently earn acclaim as the top choices for truly elite mowers. The residential options for each brand are patterned after commercial mowers and offer superior power and maneuverability when compared to traditional lawn tractors. Check options for the best zero turn mowers for 1 acre built by these legendary mower brands!


Spartan Mowers for 1 Acre

  • Expert Choice: RZ HD
  • Price: Starting at $6,899

When you’re looking for the best riding lawn mower for 1 acre of land, the RZ HD is an immediate recommendation. The 23 HP engine delivers serious power that allows you to traverse your expansive lawn faster than ever! Plus, the extra wide 54” deck means you cut more grass at a time and even cut down on needing to use an edger. Lastly, the RZ HD is well-equipped to handle hilly properties as well, thanks to its radial tires and great traction.


Hustler Mowers for 1 Acre

  • Expert Choice: Raptor XD
  • Price: Starting at $4,749

The Raptor is one of Hustler’s best heavy-duty lines meant for homeowners. The Raptor XD is our recommendation for a Hustler zero turn mower for 1 acre. This mower delivers the signature Hustler comfort and moveability in a large package. Since speed is the name of the game for mowing large properties, the 7.5 MPH mowing speed is sure to be an upgrade from your current unit. Plus, all of this comes at an affordable price point, with options available under $5,000!


Trust Us for Mower Maintenance & Repair

Any of these top-of-the-line mowers is a serious investment. If you take care of it well, it will pay you back with more than a decade of reliable performance and power! Not only is PowerPro the place to go to buy the best zero turn for 1 acre, but we can make sure you get the most out of it over the years. Just like with a car or truck, having your mower serviced every year prevents problems and extends its lifespan. Our winter mower maintenance program is one of the best ways to ensure you get the maintenance you need!

However, if your mower does ever suffer a problem or breakdown, we’re also the team to handle that. Our repair technicians are factory trained from every major brand we carry. This skillset ensures they are able to quickly diagnose and remedy whatever goes wrong with your mower.

Best time of year to buy a zero turn mower for residential homes


Test Drive All of These Lawn Mowers for 1 Acre

Any of our choices for the best riding lawn mower for 1 acre of land will provide you with the speed and power to handle your mowing. After tackling your large property with an outdated or undersized mower, when you finally upgrade, you’ll feel ready to conquer your yard.

The first step is to schedule a test drive of one or both of our recommended mowers. Getting to ride before you buy is the essential because you know you’ll love the mower before you invest in it. Power Pro has 8 conveniently located showrooms staffed by experts. It’s the perfect opportunity to find the mower you’ll be driving for a decade to come!

Contact us right here to schedule your test drive and to ask any questions you may have!

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