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What to Look for in a Zero Turn Mower: 5 Key Traits

what to look for in a zero turn mower

When you upgrade to the power and handling of a zero turn mower, mowing the lawn stops being a chore — and it starts being fun! All you need to do is find the right mower to deliver that experience. Here’s what to look for in a zero turn mower to guarantee it provides the performance you need, with the durability to make it last.

At PowerPro Equipment, we’re a lawn mower dealer that carries the nation’s leading brands of outdoor power equipment. We don’t just sell and maintain mowers, but we also offer the inside info you need to make the right decisions. Keep reading to see what to look for in a zero turn mower — or reach out to our team to schedule a test drive!

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Zero Turn Mower Buying Guide

zero turn mower buying guide

It’s no secret that the popularity of zero turns has exploded over the past few years — more homeowners than ever want to try the zero turn experience. That new demand means you can buy zero turn mowers in more places than before (like big box hardware stores) — however, you won’t always find the same quality. In this zero turn mower buying guide, we’re breaking down the 5 traits that separate elite mowers from cheap imitators:

Here’s what you need to consider:

  1. Engine — The engine at the core of a zero turn is responsible for delivering the power that makes mowing the lawn fun. On top of the horsepower it delivers, a mower engine needs to be durable enough to perform for years to come without an issue. The cheaper engines on some mediocre models of zero turns just don’t have the stamina, and unfortunately, prove extremely costly to repair. The leading mowers we sell use legendary Kawasaki engines.
  2. Deck — The mower deck is the base for the entire mower. While you’d imagine that these flat metal decks would be more or less the same, there can be a HUGE discrepancy in quality. A high-quality mower will essentially always include a welded deck made of 7-gauge steel, which will provide you years of rugged performance. However, a cheaper big box store mower will likely feature a stamped metal deck, which is essentially a thin and stretched piece of metal. A stamped deck is at risk to crack and rust after just a few years — and unfortunately, repairing a mower deck often costs more than the mower is worth.

    We explore repairing vs. replacing your mower.
  3. User Interface — One of the most important aspects of our zero turn mower buying guide is how user-friendly the mower is. This incorporates everything from the steering, the handling, and even the comfort of the seat. Plus, the better handling means that even when you drive fast and take your sharp turns, the lawn doesn’t get torn up. The mower brands we sell have been refining this to maximize user comfort for decades. While you’re going to ask the tough questions to learn about the deck and engine, here you’ll simply ask to take a test drive and see for yourself!
  4. Blades — When you’re wondering what to look for in a zero turn mower, the blades need to be on your mind. Grass clippings, leaves, dirt, and dust can all take their toll on the blades of the mower, dulling them over time. Even if the rest of the mower is flawless, if the blades are dull, the cut won’t be great. One of our favorite brands, Hustler Mowers, uses carbide steel blades that are easy to sharpen, yet prove extremely hard and durable. You can count on carbide steel blades to hold their sharp edges longer — make sure you ask about this when you’re looking for your mower.
  5. Warranty — The next point in our zero turn mower buying guide is one of the most important ones. You can always tell how much confidence a manufacturer has in their product by the warranty they put behind it — and how much fine print is attached to it. Hustler Mowers offers an exceptional 3-year manufacturer warranty, while another one of our most popular brands, Spartan Mowers, also offers a competitive no hassle warranty. Since cheaper zero turn mowers have the tendency to break down (in more ways than one), they can’t offer true manufacturer warranties — so make sure you read the fine print.

Any mower PowerPro Equipment sells will meet the requirements in our zero turn mower guide. So, if you’re ready to start shopping, explore our entire mower inventory!

Do I Need to Spend a Lot of Money?

hustler dash zero turn mower

When we talk about what to look for in a zero turn mower, one common misconception is that you need to spend a lot of money to find a quality piece of equipment. In fact, the entry models of elite mower brands only cost a little more money than what you’d find at a big box hardware store.

You should expect to spend around $3,000 for a model that checks all of the boxes on our zero turn mower buying guide. This tier of units is recommended for homeowners with around an acre of lawn to mow. However, if you have under a half-acre of land to care for, we often recommend the Hustler DASH model, which comes in at around just $2,500!

Bottom line: you really don’t need to spend that much more money to get significantly better performance — you just need to know where to shop!

Why to Buy from a True Equipment Dealer

Oftentimes what you look for in a zero turn mower can be less important than where you look for it. At PowerPro Equipment, we specialize in exactly that: outdoor equipment. Not only can you count on better products from better brands, but you can also rely on us to provide any lawn mower repair or maintenance you might need. In addition, our experts have decades of experience working with lawn equipment — we can help you find the perfect mower for your lawn and your budget.

Plus, we’re more than happy to offer you test drives on any and all zero turn mowers you want to try out. Reach out to our team to talk price and to schedule your test drives!

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