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Zero Turn Mower Accessories

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Your zero turn mower gives you the power to conquer your yard with ease! If you want to make your machine even more versatile, we have a line of zero turn mower accessories that you need to see. From keeping your landscaping cleaner to achieving the ever-popular lawn striping look, we have the answers.

At PowerPro Equipment, we’re a lawn mower dealer that sells the power equipment that homeowners and professionals trust. Since we sell the leading mower brands like Spartan and Hustler, we sell the zero turn mower accessories that enhance those as well. Check out the most popular choices and what they can do for you!


4 Favorite Zero Turn Mower Attachments

The zero turn mower attachments you use depend entirely on the mower line you have. Fortunately, both Spartan and Hustler produce a top-quality option for each of these types of accessories. See the favorites and what they cost.


Stripe Kit

zero turn mower accessories

This add-on is how you can get that professional looking lawn striping for your own yard. This zero turn mower attachment is a flat flap that hooks onto the back of the mower deck. When you mow, the stripe kit bends down the grass. This creates the effect of making one pass look lighter while the other looks darker, leaving the desired lawn striping effect.

Approximate Price: $100 to $150



zero turn mower accessories

While leaving your grass clipping on the lawn is healthy, there are sometimes when you don’t want to leave them behind. For example, if your dog is dragging them into your home or if they are ending up in your pool, then you may want to bag them up. A bagger is a great zero turn accessory to take care of this. Not only do our baggers attach in just a few minutes for maximum convenience, but they can also pick up leaves as well.

Approximate Price: $500 to $800


Light Kits

zero turn mower accessories

Adding a light kit onto your machine allows you to mow to even when it’s getting dark. Mowing in the evening is a preference for some people as the weather is cooler and the grass is dry. These front attached LED headlights make this easy and safe.

Approximate Price: $200 to $250


Blade Blocker

zero turn mower accessories

If you are tired of spraying grass clippings onto your beautiful landscaping, then this is the add-on you need. A blade blocker is a flap the is lowered over the mower door to temporarily keep grass clipping from being ejected. This lever-operated device can be activated at will to allow you to mow quickly, while making sure you aren’t making a mess.

Approximate Price: $250 to $300

If any of these zero turn mower accessories caught your eye, we keep them in stock. Let us know what make and model of mower you have, and we’ll match you with the perfect fit.


The Perfect Place to Find Your New Mower

While we certainly carry and sell a wide range of zero turn mower attachments, we are also the place to go when you need a brand-new mower as well. Any of our zero turn mower choices from the leading brands will provide you with the speed and power to handle your lawn. If you need a new mower, the first step is to schedule a test drive of one or both of our recommended mowers. Getting to ride before you buy is essential because you know you’ll love the mower before you invest in it. It’s the perfect opportunity to find the mower you’ll be driving for a decade to come! So, take the first step today towards enjoying your lawn like never before – schedule a test drive at your nearest Power Pro dealer!


Shop Zero Turn Mower Accessories Right Here

If you want to mow late into the cool evenings or achieve the lawn striping look, we have just the thing for you. Our zero turn mower accessories are all built by the manufacturers and made to suit all of the leading lines. We encourage you to contact us to talk about what you need – or visit one of our 8 conveniently located showrooms.

Reach out right here to get started!

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