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Zero Turn vs Riding Mower: Find Your Best Choice

zero turn vs riding mower

If it’s been awhile since you shopped for a new mower, the market might look different from what you remember. That’s because zero turn mowers have burst onto the scene as one of the most popular options for homeowners and landscapers. So, how do these units compare to the traditional tractor-style riding mowers? We’re breaking it down here — learn all about zero turn vs riding mowers.

At PowerPro Equipment, we offer a wide range of home power equipment including both zero turns and lawn tractors. They are both great pieces of yard equipment — it’s all about finding the one that’s right for your needs. To help you figure out which is right for you, we’re digging into the pros and cons of zero turn mowers compared to the traditional option. Keep reading for the in-depth look — or reach out to our team to talk to an expert.

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Pros and Cons of Zero Turn Mowers

pros and cons of zero turn mowers

When you’re deciding between zero turn vs riding mowers, a point-by-point break down is one of the simplest ways to find out what matters to you. Here’s what you can expect from a zero turn unit compared to the typical riding tractor:

  • You’ll Spend Less Time Mowing

    When looking at the pros and cons of zero turn mowers, you need to start here
    . Simply put, these mowers are gaining in popularity for this one big reason — they make mowing faster. How much faster? Using a zero turn mower takes about half as long as doing the same lawn with a riding tractor. This is because zero turn mowers are lighter, faster, and boast the signature zero turn maneuverability.

  • Handling Can Be Intimidating

    When some people first pilot a zero turn mower, they can feel somewhat overwhelmed. That’s because zero turns employ a dual steering system, with a set of wheels being controlled by a separate handle. This can feel more complicated than a tractor style riding mower, which is equipped with a steering wheel and maneuvers like a go kart. While over time most homeowners come to prefer the precision of a zero turn, it’s worth noting this in the pros and cons of zero turn mowers.

  • Better Maneuverability

    Maneuverability is the hallmark advantage of a zero turn mower. In fact, the name zero turn comes from the turning radius being zero inches — this means the machine can turn around within its own footprint. This advantage is behind many of the zero turn’s benefits. Once you get accustomed to the dual steering system, you’ll love how fast and how precise this mower truly is.

  • Doesn’t Have 4-Wheel Drive

    Here’s one place that the traditional riding tractor just can’t be beat. A traditional riding mower has an option for 4-wheel drive, which offers extra traction for mowing on hills. The absence of 4-wheel drive is the main drawback to the revolutionary zero turn steering. If your property is nothing but steep hills, a tractor may be the best machine for the job.

  • Wider Cuts with a Zero Turn Mower

    The larger base and wider cuts are some of the key reasons that a zero turn can allow you to do a lawn in half the time. This is a big benefit, as a wider blade base also makes it less likely that you’ll miss a spot and have to double back.

  • Slightly More Expensive

    While either type of riding mower is an investment, zero turn options generally will be more expensive upfront. Our zero turn mowers start from around $2,499 to $6,000 — while tractor models start at around $1,599 to $3,899.

  • Zero Turn Mowers are Popular

    While this may not be as important as some of the pros and cons of zero turn mowers, it is worth mentioning. Zero turns are the next big thing, and several of the brands we sell have a distinct sense of style. Chances are, if your neighbors see you mowing with one, they’re going to be impressed — expect them to stop by and ask admiring questions.

Offering the Leading Riding Mower Brands

While choosing between a zero turn vs riding mower can be tough (especially because it is a considerable investment), both options are great and will perform well for you. At PowerPro, one of the ways we ensure that you only have the best options to choose from is by only selling the leading brands that we endorse. For zero turn mowers, we proudly sell Spartan, Hustler, Toro and Gravely brands. On the other hand, for the traditional riding mowers, we offer the Husqvarna line.

Compare Zero Turn vs Riding Mowers in Person

zero turn and riding mower sales

The best way to decide between a zero turn vs a riding mower? Test drive both! The PowerPro team is dedicated to helping you find the piece of equipment you’ll use (and love) for years. Our knowledgeable sales team is more than happy to help you find the perfect mower for your property and your budget.

Contact us today to get more information and to schedule your test drives!

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