Heavy Equipment Repair Company

PowerPro is the team of heavy equipment repair mechanics to trust when you need your heavy-duty power equipment repaired —and you need it done right. Our factory-trained technicians have experience with most major types of equipment repair including:

  • Forklift Repair
  • Construction Equipment Repair
  • Skid Steer Repair
  • Excavator Repair
  • Material Handling Equipment Repair

If you know exactly what you need, schedule today with our heavy equipment mechanics.

Leading Construction Equipment Repair Experts

Having the right construction equipment repair contacts to solve any unexpected issue is a necessary trait for site managers and business owners. When you’re a good leader, you’re prepared to handle any situation — or to bring in an expert to handle it on your behalf. PowerPro’s heavy equipment repair team is the ideal contact when your crucial yet complicated heavy machinery breaks down.

In addition to boasting a team of experienced, factory-trained construction equipment repair mechanics, PowerPro also offers full-service repairs at your site. Essentially, we know that transporting damaged heavy equipment can be difficult. That’s why our technicians come to your site, ready to perform a full range of repairs. This is just another way we set ourselves apart from our competitors — a few other heavy equipment repair companies offer services performed on-site.

If you’d prefer to bring your machinery to us, you have that option as well. Power Pro offers our full suite of heavy equipment repair options at all 6 of our convenient Pennsylvania locations, including skid steer repair, excavator repair, material hauling repair, and more.



Repair & Preventative Maintenance: Tractors, Forklifts, Excavators & More

From tractor repair to excavator repair, our experts can handle it all. So much modern work in the construction and logistics fields relies on having the right heavy equipment repair for the job. Having the manpower alone can’t come close to accomplishing your goal. That’s why when your heavy construction breaks, you need to get it repaired as quickly as possible.

For example, when you’re on a job site and your skid steer or excavator breaks down, our skilled mechanics can provide the construction equipment repair you need to get back to work. On the other hand, if you’re managing a warehouse and one of your tow motors stops, our forklift mechanics can get you back to work.

As crucial as on-the-spot emergency repairs are, we also offer preventative construction equipment maintenance and inspections. In the same way that cars and trucks need inspected, your warehouse and construction equipment need inspected, too. Our technicians can also perform maintenance inspections and periodic tune-ups as part of our preventative maintenance program.

During a PowerPro inspection and tune-up, our heavy equipment mechanics will remedy ordinary wear and tear, while hunting for the signs of a potential breakdown. This type of scheduled maintenance can allow your machinery to run longer with fewer issues. This is another way that we make work easier for our partners.

PowerPro is the only contact you need for all things heavy equipment. If you need to purchase any new pieces for your fleet, we offer a wide selection of heavy equipment for sale. (https://www.powerproequipment.com/products)

Our heavy equipment selection includes:

PowerPro’s Heavy Equipment Repair Service Areas

We experience a lot of wet weather in and around our area, so your mower works very hard! With that said, we strongly recommend you participate in our Preventative Maintenance Program to get your mower ready for next year. You will love what a difference working with our PPE technicians, who developed preventative maintenance will make, and reap the benefits of using experienced equipment service techs! We will always give you a quote before we do the work so there are never any surprises.

Our maintenance services include and involve the following tasks:

• Engine oil and filter changes
• Checking engine RPMs, steering components, belts, pulleys, spindles, and idlers
• Cleaning and replacing air filters
• Checking fuel lines and filters
• Replacing spark plug(s)
• Test running and lubricating your unit
• Adjusting tire pressures, cables, throttle, and choke
• Leveling the cutting deck
• Sharpening and balancing cutting blades
• Pressure washing