The Spartan RZ Series performs like a commercial grade mower with a residential price! The RZ now offers three series options, the RZ, RZ Pro and RZ HD.  The RZ with 54” deck can maneuver through tight spaces with ease, and is an absolute beast of a machine for residential use (and it looks great too!). Upgrade to an RZ Pro or RZ HD for more deck size and engine options.

Spartan’s RZ Series is equipped with the standard features that make Spartan stand out from the rest: GT Trac for the best incline traction,  the Vibration Control Deck System, easy touch brake system, ergonomic cockpit, foot assist easy-lift deck, uncomplicated design for easy add-ons and maintenance, and state-of-the-art push start instrument panel.

48″ Briggs 25 HP Commercial

54″ Briggs 25hp Commercial

61″ Briggs 25hp Commercial

48″ Koh 25 HP Confidant

54″ Koh 25 HP Confidant

61″ Koh 25 HP Confidant

48″ Kaw FR730

54″ Kaw FR730

61″ Kaw FR730

Spartan lawn mowers for sale new holland pa

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