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Radio-controlled slope mower Spider MINI is the latest product of Dvořák .  At the same time it is the smallest of all Spider mowers, however with its climbing ability and manoeuvrability Spider MINI does not lag far behind the commercial models Spider ILD01 and ILD02. Spider MINI is based on the same idea as the other models, but it is newly fitter with unique chain drive portals, which ensure reliable maintenance-free operation, lower the centre of gravity and make the machine generally simpler and cheaper.

Spider MINI is designed for the needs of customers who have only an occasional need for mowing steep slopes and difficult terrain, but also need a comfortable and safe mower for general landscape or garden mowing.


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  • Spider-MINI-cut-300x186

Mini Productivity

Spider machines are well-known for their superb productivity. This is especially due to omni-directional mowing system, which practically eliminates all non-productive manipulation time.

Especially daily productivity of Spider mowers is much higher than that of manually operated machines as the operation is not tiring for the operator and no mandatory work breaks are required.

Average productivity = 3000 sq ft/hr

Mini Climbing Ability

The climbing ability of radio remote controlled bank mower Spider MINI is up to 30 degrees (58 %) depending on the type of application.

The high climbing ability results from the light construction, very low centre of gravity, 4-wheel drive and the patented drive system, which makes driving and steering on steep slopes simple and safe.

Mini Drive System

The hydrostatic drive system ensures fluent speed regulation while perserving optimum management of the combustion engine. The combination of sensitive speed regulation and steering results in precise control of the mower, excellent operation efficiency and high safety.

The patent-protected design of the machine travel ensures excellent properties and stability even when changing driving directions on a steep slope. In areas with rapidly changing slopes and in places where other machines can hardly move, the slope mower SPIDER and its original “dance step” are absolutely unsurpassable.

Excellent design properties

Sensitively controlled hydrostatic drive

High user comfort

Low weight

Dance step


These features allow for the machine to be used on steep slopes, in flat areas and in wetlands, which are absolutely inaccessible for other machines.


Mini Control System

The SPIDER slope mower radio control range is 300 feet.   The system consists of:

  • Remote control with control elements
  • Receiver with the power part

The ergonomic remote control contains control elements allowing to:

  • start and switch off the engine
  • drive forward or backward
  • steer left and right
  • activate the EMERGENCY STOP function

Mini Transportation

The Remote Controlled is powered by 2 AA batteries ensuring up to 20 hours of operation.

FCC approved safe for use near airports and othersensitive environments.

Compact size and low weight (125 kg / 275 pounds) allows Spider MINI to be transported even in any van and also in most station wagon cars. Of course, it can also be put on a standard trailer.

The radio control system simplifies the physical manipulation with the mower




Power Unit:

Engine – Briggs & Stratton 950
Performance – 6.5 HP
Cubic Capacity – 190 CC
Fuel Capacity – 1 Gallon
Fuel – Unleaded

Drive System:

Transmission – Hydrostatic
Speed – 0 to 2.5 mph
Steering – 360 Degrees, 4-wheel


Mow Width – 22″
Height of Cut – 2-4″
Blade Clutch – Manual


Productivity – 5,000 sq ft/hr
Fuel Consumption – .25 Gallon/HR
Climbing Ability – 47%
Dimensions: 41x36x24
Weight: 270lbs

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