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Spider ILD01 radio-controlled slope mower is the basic product of Dvořák – svahové sekačky, Ltd. This machine was introduced in 2003 as the very first radio-controlled mower for professional maintenance of slopes. The revolutionary and patented drive system called the “dancing step” ensures excellent climbing ability as well as unique maneuverability.

Immediately after its market launch Spider ILD01 has generater enormous interest and acquired numerous pretigious awards at many international exhibitions and trade fairs.

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The radio controlled slope mower SPIDER  ILD01 was designed for the maintenance of uneven and inaccessible terrain with slopes of up to 40 degrees without tether and 55 degrees with tether. The mower can deal with rough seedings, wild growth and unkept grass.

It is invaluable especially during the maintenance of ditches and slopes surrounding roads, for the mowing of fruit orchards and forest nurseries, landfills, areas around power stations, airports or mountain hotels, downhill runs and parks.

Due to the unique drive system it is very suitable for the maintenance of areas surrounding water reservoirs, rivers, waterworks and dams.

The exceptional environment-friendliness of the machine is emphasized by its low weight as most of its parts are built of light and noble alloys. The 4-wheel drive system allows the use of the mower in wetlands and in protected natural protected  areas.

Spider ILD01 mower will find its place wherever you need to cut an inaccessible or unmaintained area. It is designed mainly for professional use, but is suitable even for consumers who need to mow larger pieces of land.


ILD01 Productivity

For better comparison of operating costs the graph shows costs for the operation of one slope mower SPIDER and five brush-cutters delivering together approximately the same performance.


Work Productivity = Up to .75 acres/hr
Fuel Consumption = 0.5 to 0.8 Gal/hr
Average productivity: .5 acres/hr
Machine durability (hours): 5000
ILD01 Climbing Ablity

The climbing ability of radio remote cotrolled slope mower Spider ILD01 is up to 40 degrees depending on the type of application. The high climbing ability results from light construction, very low center of gravity, 4-wheel drive and the patented drive system. This makes driving and steering on steep slopes simple and safe.

The climbing ability and safety of operation can be increased by the installation of the Hydraulic stabilizing winch “HSN02″. This patented accessory enables safe manipulation with the machine on slopes up to 55 degrees. This value cannot be matched by any competitive machine. The winch works automatically as it is synchronized with the wheel drive, which ensures high comfort of operation.

ILD01 Drive System

The hydrostatic drive system ensures fluent speed regulation while perserving optimum management of the combustion engine.  The combination of sensitive speed regulation and steering results in precise control of the mower, excellent operation efficiency and high safety.

The patent-protected design of the machine travel ensures excellent properties and stability even when changing driving directions on a steep slope. In areas with rapidly changing slopes and in places where other machines can hardly move, the slope mower SPIDER and its original “dance step” are absolutely unsurpassable.

Excellent design properties

Variable speed hydrostatic drive

High user comfort

Low weight

Dance step


These features allow for the machine to be used on steep slopes,  in flat areas and in wetlands, which are absolutely  inaccessible for other machines.

ILD01 Control System

The remote control contains control elements allowing:       

  • start and stop the engine
  • preset the travelling speed range (turtle/rabbit)
  • engaged and disengage the mower blades
  • adjust the height of cut
  • change the mower speed and direction
  • four wheel (360°) steering
  • shut down the whole system in emergency

Powerful remote control battery ensures a stand-by period of up to 20 hours.

The SPIDER radio control range is 300 feet.

The Receiver side consists of:

  • radio receiver *
  • electronic power circuit
  • servomotors controlling the direction, mower, speed and rpm
  • linear electric motors for the height of cut adjustment
  • electromagnetic clutch and mowing device


The machine is supplied with an extra battery and a car charger.
The charging time is 2.5 hours.

Frequencies approved for professional use in individual:
458.800 – 459.175 MHz USA and Canada

FCC approved safe for use near airports and othersensitive environments.

ILD01 Transportation

The Spider ILD01 is easy to transport. A special car trailer was designed for the transportation of the Spider ILD01 mower. It is equipped with integrated pull-out ramps and a safety system securing the mower from motion.


The dimensions of the machine allow its transportation even on a regular car trailer or inside utility vans and trucks. The mower can thus be easily and quickly transported even at longer distances.

The radio control system together with the special trailer simplify the loading and unloading of the mower. As a result the machine can be easily operated even by disabled individuals.

Power Unit:

Engine – Kawasaki FS 541V
Performance – 18 HP
Cubic Capacity – 494 CC
Ignition – Electric
Fuel Capacity – 3.2 Gallon
Fuel – Unleaded

Drive System:

Transmission – Hydrostatic
Oil Tank – 1.7 Gallon
Speed – 0 to 5 mph
Steering – 360 Degrees, 4-wheel
Tires – 16×6.5 – 8


Mow Width – 32″
Height of Cut – 1.25″ to 4.5″
Blade Clutch – Electromagnetic
With Friction Brake


Productivity – .75 Acres/HR
Fuel Consumption – .7 Gallon/HR
Climbing Ability – 40 Degrees / 55 with winch
Dimensions: 47.25×53.5×36″
Weight: 540lbs



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