Reliable Farm Equipment & Tractor Suppliers In Eastern PA & NJ

If you own a farm or need access to heavy farm equipment around your property, you can’t beat the tractors for sale at PowerPro Equipment. We offer farm tractors from two of the top-rated brands in the industry Mahindra and Ventrac. With locations across Eastern PA and New Jersey, we are positive there are PowerPro Equipment stores and showrooms near you. Contact us today to learn more about the farm equipment we offer!


Compact & Utility Mahindra Tractors For Sale

One of the top-rated pieces of farm equipment we offer at PowerPro Equipment is our Mahindra tractors. Mahindra offers a wide variety of compact tractors and also bigger utility tractors. These are available in two-wheel and four-wheel drives. This brand of farm equipment is used by both beginning farmers and large commercial landscaping companies. If you are interested in the Mahindra tractor models we have in stock, contact us today!


Versatile Ventrac Tractors For Landscaping

At our power equipment store, we offer two main types of Ventrac tractors with over 30 different attachments for you to choose from. These landscaping tractors give you the versatility and power of a compact tractor, and the maneuverability and visibility of a zero-turn mower. Here at PowerPro Equipment, we offer both 3400 and 4500 Ventrac tractor models. Contact us today for more information!


Visit Our PA Showrooms To See Our Tractors for Sale In Person!

Here at our showrooms in Malvern, New Holland, Allentown, Lebanon, York, and Ringoes, we offer many different tractors for sale. These include both Ventrac tractors and Mahindra tractors. For years we have been a premier tractor supplier in Eastern PA, so we are equipped to help you choose the best farm tractor or farm equipment for your home or business. Visit us today to view our tractors for sale in person!

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Ventrac tractors are built with you in mind. This a workhorse of a tractor that will help you get the job done fast, and you’ll have fun doing it. Check out Power Pro Equipment’s selection of Ventrac tractors!

Mahindra compact tractors, for sale by PowerPro, the PA Mahindra dealer


Every day around the world, Mahindra tractors pull their weight in performance and reliability. In fact, in 2010 Mahindra became the #1 selling tractor in the world. Across continents, fields and farmland, Mahindra helps connect people to their passion – the land they work and love!