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5 Tips & Tools for Flawless Fall Lawn Care in the Northeast

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When it comes to lawn care, don’t sweat the fall stuff.

Seeing autumn leaves and browning grass may spark grief as it makes you think of all the fall lawn care we Northeasterners must accomplish before frost. Luckily, we have put together a compact but complete list of fall yard clean-up and the lawn care products you’ll need in order to make the process as easy as possible!

Read on to discover the top-rated mowers, tractors, blowers, and chainsaws from PowerPro Equipment’s extensive variety – and request pricing on any of the items you are interested in today!

Top Lawn Care Procedures & Products to Make Fall Yard Clean Up a Breeze

PowerPro Equipment has you covered with these easy tips and tricks to make your fall lawn care a breeze this season. Here are our top 5 tips and tools for cleaning up your landscaping this fall, in no particular order:

1. Remove Leaves & Debris

stihl backpack blower


A carpet of colorful leaves is great to look at, but it’s not great for your lawn because piled fallen leaves prevent sunlight from reaching grass and moisture from escaping. It can pack a fatal punch for your yard, no matter the time of year.

There are many methods of removing leaves as part of your fall lawn care in the Northeast, but the quickest and most efficient way is with the right power equipment!

Lawn Care Product We Recommend: STIHL BR 450 Backpack Blower

This powerful STIHL backpack leaf blower is a well-deserved staple in any landscaper’s fleet. Take advantage of its lightweight, gas-powered blowing force of 28 mph and a comfortable over-the-shoulder posture.

Get pricing information for the STIHL BR 450!

I love how it (BR 450) had increased my speed in finishing my yard work.” – Mike R.

2. Cut Down Dead Shrubbery

stihl chainsaw


While they were nice in the spring, they’re less than ideal for your fall yard cleanup. Whether it’s tree branches, perennial bushes, or large lumber, it’s best to remove them in the fall – for your safety and your home! Plus, pruning plant life is a step of lawn care for fall that you’ll thank yourself for in the spring.
This heavy-duty job is not something that can typically be done by hand. Considering all the chainsaw products on the market, STIHL is still a top brand we recommend!

Lawn Care Product We Recommend: STIHL MS 170 Chainsaw

Meet the STIHL MS 170: The lightweight chainsaw that will make your fall yard cleanup not only easy but adventurous! Tackle tough tree branches, limbs, and other tasks around the home with ease with this USA-made lawn care machine.

Get pricing information for the STIHL MS 170!

Great hardworking saw! My son-in-law cut branches for hours and liked the way it performed.” – Herb L.

3. Remove Dead Shrubbery

mahindra lawn tractor


After you check cutting dead shrubbery and branches off your fall landscaping clean-up checklist, it’s time to remove them from your property! Like leaves, piles of branches and vegetation can stunt the overall health of your lawn. Depending on how large your property is and how many items you cut down, you may need some help transporting them around your property! For a sizeable job, we recommend a compact tractor.

Lawn Care Product We Recommend: Mahindra eMAX 20S

Don’t underestimate these small but mighty machines! As one of the most versatile lawn care products from Mahindra, this model is ideal for homeowners’ everyday casual use. Get a quote from your local PowerPro Equipment location now!

Get pricing information for the Mahindra eMAX 20S!

Anyone thinking of a compact tractor HAS to consider Mahindra.” – Pete P.

4. Keep on Mowing

zero turn mower


Don’t put that lawn mower away quite yet! Until the first hard frost (around mid to late October for the Northeast), you should still be mowing your grass. As the season comes to an end, adjust the blades to their lowest setting. If you’re looking to upgrade your mower for this year’s fall lawn care, we offer a variety of Spartan, Hustler, Toro, and Gravely models. The best zero-turn lawn mower for you should be determined by a number of factors, so contact our experts or visit a local showroom today to learn more!

See our zero-turn mower options and get pricing!

Jim helped me find the right mower for my application and followed through with delivery. Great job!!” – Gerald L.

5. Clear Yard of Small Debris

dr leaf and vac


For the items that are too small to pick up by hand in a large yard, like acorns, sticks, and small rocks, a leaf and lawn vacuum is a game-changing investment!

Lawn Care Product We Recommend: DR Leaf and VAC SKU: LL23009DMN

Take the hassle out of your landscaping fall clean-up! This lawn care product is compatible with both zero-turn and riding mowers, making it one of the most efficient and versatile options available.

Get DR Leaf and Vac pricing information!

We just started using this to clean up last years leaves & it’s working like a champ! Holds a lot & easy to empty.” – Rita G.

Fall Yard Clean Up with PowerPro Equipment

No matter what your fall lawn care needs are, PowerPro Equipment is here to help! With our wide selection of STIHL, Mahindra, and other top brands, we have the perfect lawn care tools for the job – whether you’re a professional landscaper or a handy homeowner.

Did any of these tools spark your interest? Find a local showroom or contact us to get pricing today!

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