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Why Early Spring Is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Lawn Mower

Best time of year to buy a lawn mower in Lancaster PA

You know you need a new lawn mower. The question isn’t if you should buy one – it’s when. You want to shop at the best time to get the best selection, prices, and convenience. Savvy homeowners and lawn mower dealers agree that spring is the best time of year to buy a lawn mower!

Thanks to our huge inventory of zero turn mowers, lawn tractors, and handhelds, PowerPro is the power equipment headquarters for Central PA and beyond. Zero turn mowers are one of our signature items – and one of the most popular choices for homeowners upgrading their equipment. We’re breaking down exactly why spring is the best time of year to buy a zero turn mower!


Best Months to Buy a Riding Lawn Mower: March & April

Best time of year to buy a zero turn mower for residential homes

When investing in a new high-quality mower, shopping at the right time can make a big difference. Here’s why the best months to buy a riding lawn mower (or zero turn) are March and April:

  1. New Models are Hitting Showrooms — One of the reasons that March and April are the best months to buy a riding mower is that you can shop the new models. This is the most popular time of year for manufacturers to release their latest and greatest. Waiting for this these months means you get access to the most cutting-edge features and latest models from the big brands. Thanks to our great relationships with Spartan and Hustler, we almost always have a huge selection of their top models in our showrooms.
  2. You Can Find Good Deals on Older Models — While shopping in the spring means you can buy the latest model, you certainly don’t have to. If you’re looking for a bargain, this can be the ideal time to find it. Since newer models are on the floor, you may be able to get good deals on in-stock older models. So, So no matter if  you prefer big savings over having the latest equipment, spring is still the best time of year to buy a lawn mower.
  3. Maintenance is Easy— Like your car, all mowers need regular maintenance to perform their best. Generally, this maintenance is done over the winter or in the early spring. Of course, by buying brand new, you can skip maintenance for the whole first year. After that, you’ll be on an easy-to-remember schedule every year going forward.
  4. Backing Up & Stopping — Here’s one last reason to buy a mower in the spring: because the grass is growing and you need to get to work! Replacing your mower at the beginning of the season keeps you from having to use your old, outdated mower any longer. This convenience factor is one of the most compelling arguments why March and April are the best months to buy a riding lawn mower.

You know the best time of year to buy a zero turn mower – but what’s the best model for a first time zero turn owner? We answer that right here!

Best month to buy and store a riding lawn mower


Test Drive Your New Mower at Your Nearest PowerPro Showroom

While we say that spring is the best time of year to buy a lawn mower, whenever you want to learn more and shop your options, we’re ready to help. Every PowerPro location is stocked with a wide range of leading mower brands. Even more important, at every one of our locations you can talk to one of our equipment experts. These experts can answer all of your questions, teach you how to drive a zero turn mower, and help you with a test drive. Getting behind the controls of one or more of our mowers is the best way to see what you like and to try before you buy.

If you’re ready to get started, give us a call, stop by a showroom, or reach out to our team right here!

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