Construction Equipment Repair at Your Site or Ours

When the equipment you rely on goes down, work stops – and you lose money. You need a partner that will work efficiently and accurately to ensure you get your equipment up and running as soon as possible. Here’s what sets our construction equipment repair teams apart:

  • We Can Come to Your Site and Bring the Parts We Need
  • Our Company has Eight Physical Locations throughout PA & NJ
  • PowerPro Employs Factory Trained Technicians
  • Our Service Fleet of Five Mobile Warehouses Serves a Huge Area
  • Our Company Has Decades of Experience in Construction Equipment Repair
  • We Can Order Any Specialty Part You Need

Our team is standing by to help get your jobsite moving again…

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Whether you just need to order heavy equipment parts, you need an expert to handle an emergency breakdown, or you have questions about preventative maintenance – you can trust our skills and experience. Simply put, we’ve seen it all and we’ve serviced it all. If you want to know a little more about us before we work together, get the details right here:

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Heavy Equipment Repair & Maintenance 

Whether your job site is a warehouse or a construction site, the PowerPro heavy equipment repair team will come to you and perform the service or maintenance you need. Our experts have experience working with everything from skid steers and excavators to tow motors and any other heavy equipment.

While fixing problems is great, preventing them altogether is even better. That’s why preventative maintenance from PowerPro is a key part of how countless companies do business. Here are some of the key points that our construction equipment repair experts handle with our standard maintenance plans:

  • Check engine oil and filter
  • Look for fuel leaks
  • Examine radiator and blow out as needed
  • Look at coolant hoses
  • Check transmission oil level and wiring
  • Assess tire condition
  • Check brake operation and condition
  • Look at welds on the boom and body
  • Examine hydraulic hoses and piping
  • Inspect gauges, instruments, and controls in the cab
  • Operate the machine through all common functions

This type of scheduled maintenance can allow your machinery to run longer with fewer issues – even preventing those emergency heavy equipment repair calls. This is just one more way that we make hard work a little easier for our partners. If you’re ready to schedule right now, simply give us a call or reach out through our website!

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Order Heavy Equipment Parts from PowerPro

While mobile equipment repair is a cornerstone of how we support our clients, your team at PowerPro also makes it easy to directly order any heavy equipment parts you may need. We have direct relationships with nationally-leading heavy equipment companies, so ordering your much-needed heavy equipment parts through us is faster and more convenient. In addition, we’re always ready to put our experience to work for you, so if you need advice or you have questions, you can always ask us before you order. Our team is standing by – reach out and place your order now!

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