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Why Choose a Spartan Mower Over the Rest?

When Spartan Mowers first roared onto the scene in 2015, they were seeking to bring more power and, yes, even fun, to the mowing experience. They’ve fast become objects of envy for property owners across the USA in the years since, and there are many reasons why. Not already dreaming of owning a Spartan zero turn mower? We’re here to convince you.

Spartan Mowers are built right here in America to provide you with a smoother, more powerful riding experience when mowing. The awesome engine power and aggressive styling of Spartan’s zero turn mowers set them apart, offering commercial grade capability for home mowing. Driving a Spartan mower feels much like piloting a sports car, and when it comes to durability and performance, these zero turn mowers are second to none. Let’s take a closer look at some of the fantastic benefits that Spartan mowers bring to the yard. Read More…

PowerPro York Store

Power Pro Equipment York Store & Showroom Grand Opening!

Power Pro Equipment here! We wanted to start by thanking those of you who came out to our York store’s grand opening on March 23 and 24. We had a great time meeting everyone and showing off our latest location, which is store #6 for us! Read More…

Features to Look for in a Zero-Turn Mower

Since their introduction in 1963, the zero-turn mower has evolved into an ultra-efficient means to tackle yards and landscapes of all sizes. For years, zero-turn mowers have been used by professional landscapers to achieve a manicured look in less time; but today, that technology has become more readily available. Like cars, there are luxury vehicles and economy vehicles, so even a homeowner can purchase and benefit from owning a zero-turn mower.
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Top Questions to Ask When Buying a Riding Mower

When buying a riding mower — especially if it’s your first one—you’ll be faced with many options. It can seem daunting to see all of the different sizes, brands, attachments, and models, but you can cut out a lot of the unnecessary work of finding the perfect riding mower by asking yourself (or a sales person) the right questions up front.
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The Evolution of Lawn Mowers Throughout History

Today’s selection of lawn mowers can be overwhelming. From large riding mowers and tractors to small push-behind and remote-controlled mowers, there’s an option for everyone. Although advancements in mowing technology have allowed us to mow with less work and in less time, we didn’t always have it so easy. The history of the lawn mower is a story of innovation and adaptation, and it certainly shows how far we’ve come in terms of mowing technology.
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When a Remote-Controlled Spider is Right for You

Lawn mowers are great because they help you keep your landscape and home in presentable condition, but sometimes the discerning homeowner wants to tackle that vast green lawn in a better way. With advances in mowing technology, we can now mow quicker, more safely, and more efficiently, affording us greener, more attractive lawns with only a fraction of the effort. There’s no better way to enjoy those same results than with a remote-controlled Spider Mower.
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