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Best zero turn mower for over 5 acres of lawn

Finding the Best Zero Turn Mowers for 5+ Acres

There’s thousands of zero turn mowers on the market, but today we’re highlighting the best zero turn mowers for 5 acres or more! Follow along as we share about what to consider when exploring mowers for 5 acres and the models that come highly recommended by our experts.

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Types of lifts for construction sites

6 Types of Lifts to Maximize Construction Site Efficiency

Are you aiming to safely and effortlessly reach towering heights on your next construction job? The solution lies in the right construction lift. However, selecting the ideal lift from the different types of lifts might seem daunting. Let’s simplify it.

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Zero turn mower vs lawn tractor for residential properties

Zero Turn vs. Lawn Tractors: What’s Right for You?

If you’ve ever wondered if zero turn mowers are better than lawn tractors or have been curious to know what type of mowing machine would best suit your lawn’s needs, you’re in the right place! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll examine the pros and cons of zero turn vs. lawn tractors. We’ll help you decide if a zero turn mower is best suited for your specific landscaping challenges or if a riding lawn tractor will suffice.

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When to mow grass for the healthiest lawn

 Beginner’s Guide to Lawn Care: When to Mow Grass & Other FAQ’s

While there is some debate on when to mow grass for the best results, there is no question that diligent lawn care yields lush, vibrant grass with robust root systems, resulting in accelerated growth and denser turf. When it comes to finding the best time to cut grass, there are two main instances to consider…

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eco friendly automatic lawn mower

Eco Lawn Mowing & Yard Care: Sustainable Practices & Tools

Did you know there is a way to achieve a picture-perfect lawn AND be conscious towards the environment while doing it? That’s right! Introducing: sustainable lawn and garden equipment from PowerPro!

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best riding mower types

Exploring & Choosing the Best Type of Lawn Mower for You

In today’s blog, we’ll explore 3 different types of lawn mowers most commonly purchased by homeowners – we’ll even take it a step further by sharing our expert picks for the best lawn mower for hills, large yards, and other specific needs.

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PowerPro Equipment is now a Cub Cadet dealer

Proudly a Cub Cadet Dealer Through NEW PowerPro Fontana & Palmyra Locations

This year we are delighted to announce the newest addition to the PowerPro family: PowerPro Equipment Fontana and PowerPro Equipment Palmyra, both locally owned and operated outdoor power equipment stores with over a century of experience!

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are commercial hustler mower costs worth it?

Are Commercial Hustler Mowers Worth the Cost?

While commercial Hustler mowers are some of the best commercial zero turns on the market today, they can cost an average of anywhere between $4,000 – $12,000! At that price point, you may be wondering if this powerhouse of a lawn mower is worth the investment.

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cutting grass properly with Spartan Zero Turn Mowers

How to Cut Grass Properly with Your Spartan Mower Zero Turn

Everyone notices and envies a lush lawn with beautifully mowed stripes and patterns. But when it comes to replicating that level of care on your own property, it can feel discouraging not knowing where to start. Discover how to cut grass properly, what tools you’ll need, the top brands to trust, and other lawn mowing tips to help you achieve your healthiest lawn yet!

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Attachments and accessories for Ventrac machines

The Expert’s Guide to Ventrac Attachments & Accessories

While winter maintenance and snow removal are important jobs, they don’t need to be exhausting. Ventrac’s snow blower attachment and tractor accessories make even the toughest jobs in the toughest conditions a breeze!

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best compact tractor brands for sale in usa

Best Tractor Brands & Top-Picked Compact Models (2023 Edition)

Choosing the right equipment is an essential part in any farming, hobby, landscaping, or agricultural business. But, how do you know which compact tractor for sale is the best for your needs – and where do you find it?

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lawn mower repair

Is Lawn Equipment Maintenance Worth It? Lawn Mower Repair & More!

Lawn equipment maintenance is like flossing your teeth: the professionals always say that it’s important, but does it really play a role in the quality and lifespan of what you’re protecting? Discover the answer HERE!

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tools for lawn care

5 Tips & Tools for Flawless Fall Lawn Care in the Northeast

When it comes to lawn care, don’t sweat the fall stuff. Discover the top-rated mowers, tractors, blowers, and chainsaws from PowerPro Equipment’s extensive variety

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buying a used lawn mower

Pros & Cons of Buying Used Lawn Mowers

Thinking about buying a used lawn mower? Used lawn mowers, no matter the make and model, can be a great opportunity to save some serious coin while still getting a powerful lawn care machine. But, without the proper knowledge of what to look for, how can you be sure you’re getting a good deal AND a good mower? 

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buy best electric compact tractor

What Makes for the Best Electric Farm Tractor?

There’s no denying that we’ve reached a pivotal point in the era of environmental science and health. Today’s blog will cover what to look for when purchasing an electric compact tractor as well as where you can find the best deals on them.

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best stihl edgers for sale

2022’s Best Edgers for Lawns & Landscapes – Picked by the Pros

Don’t make a rash decision when it comes to the equipment that cares for your yard. We’re taking you though the top 3 options for the best lawn edgers of 2022, as well as where you can purchase them.

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zero turn mower attachment optins

Zero Turn Mower Accessories

The zero turn mower attachments you use depend entirely on the mower line you have. Fortunately, both Spartan and Hustler produce a top-quality option for each of these types of accessories. See the favorites and what they cost.

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Best mower for homeowners with over 1 acre

The Best Riding Lawn Mower for 1 Acre

When you have a significant lawn to mow and you don’t have the correct equipment, that weekly chore will monopolize a serious amount of your free time. The right mower can make your outdoor space manageable and give you back hours every week. Since speed and power are essential, the best riding lawn mower for 1 acre is almost certainly a zero turn mower.

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Best time of year to buy a lawn mower in Lancaster PA

Why Early Spring Is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Lawn Mower

For maximum efficiency, cutting power, and even comfort, you’re going to want to upgrade to a zero turn mower. It’s no coincidence that these heavy-duty mowers are almost exclusively used by lawn professionals to deliver better cuts in way less time. However, if you’ve only had experience with a riding tractor or a push mower, the unique control layout of a zero turn can seem daunting. That’s why we’re highlighting the basics of how to drive a zero turn mower and sharing essential tips!

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Exmark dealer PowerPro located in Chester County PA

Now An Exmark Dealer – Through Passmore

Early in 2022, PowerPro Equipment added Passmore Service Center in Bechtelsville to our family of stores. By acquiring the locally popular heavy equipment store, we are able to bring the PowerPro difference to a whole new audience, while also incorporating new options into our inventory. One such brand is Exmark Mowers – and we’re proud to say that PowerPro is now officially an Exmark Dealer!

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how to drive a zero turn mower

How to Drive a Zero Turn Mower

For maximum efficiency, cutting power, and even comfort, you’re going to want to upgrade to a zero turn mower. It’s no coincidence that these heavy-duty mowers are almost exclusively used by lawn professionals to deliver better cuts in way less time. However, if you’ve only had experience with a riding tractor or a push mower, the unique control layout of a zero turn can seem daunting. That’s why we’re highlighting the basics of how to drive a zero turn mower and sharing essential tips!

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zero turn mower sizes

Zero Turn Mower Sizes: 34”, 42”, 48”, 60”, & More

When planning to upgrade to a zero turn, figuring out the sizing you need is one of the first things you’ll want to consider. That’s because the mower size correlates directly to how efficiently you’ll mow — and the price you’ll pay for it. We’re breaking down common zero turn mower sizes and highlighting the best jobs for each!

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lawn mower winter maintenance

Lawn Mower Winter Maintenance: Basics & Benefits

As fall turns to winter, even the most powerful lawn mowers quickly become yesterday’s news. While there’s nothing wrong with putting your equipment in storage for the winter — just make sure you don’t forget a professional tune-up sometime over the colder months. Equipment experts and savvy homeowners agree: lawn mower winter maintenance is key to better mowing and maximizing the investment you made in this piece of equipment.

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most useful tractor attachments

Most Useful Tractor Attachments for Professionals & Homeowners

A utility tractor is a powerful piece of equipment to have around the home, the farm, or the jobsite. Of course, in order to make it a truly versatile piece of equipment, you need to have the right attachments. While there are countless implements to consider, we’re highlighting our picks for the most useful tractor attachments!

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best lawn care tools

Best Lawn Care Tools for Fall: Shopping Guide

While spring cleaning may get most of the attention, there’s a lot of yard work to be done during the fall, too. From keeping your property in shape to keeping your yard leaf-free, you have plenty of work to do before winter hits. The right equipment goes a long way towards making the work physically easier and more effective, too — that’s why we’re showcasing the best lawn care tools for fall!

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best first tractor

What to Look for in Your Best First Tractor

A utility tractor is a must-own piece of equipment for many professionals, farmers, homeowners, and more. Without a reliable tractor, you simply won’t be able to do many important jobs. If you’re buying your first new tractor — or just your first tractor in a long while — there’s a lot to consider. We’re highlighting the key traits of the best first tractor for maximum efficiency and convenience.

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how often should you mow your lawn

How Often Should You Mow Your Lawn?

While PowerPro is known far and wide as THE homeowner’s power equipment destination, one of the most common questions we answer isn’t about machinery — it’s about grass. Many homeowners want to know, “How often should you mow your lawn?”. That answer depends on the season and the weather conditions, but generally you’ll want to mow your lawn every 4 to 10 days. Keep reading our blog as we break down that range into specific suggestions for spring, summer, and fall!

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best zero turn mower brands

Best Zero Turn Mower Brands

Zero turn mowers are quickly becoming an in-demand choice for homeowners and landscapers alike. Compared to tractor model riding mowers, zero turns are more maneuverable and can cut the time you spend mowing in half. If you’re looking to upgrade, you have tons of options, and it can be hard to know where you should invest your money. At PowerPro, we stock the best zero turn mower brands — which we consider to be Hustler, Spartan, Gravely, and Toro.

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branson tractors for sale

Branson Tractors for Sale

Professionals and hobby farmers are always looking for the best equipment to make their hard work a little easier. As a trusted heavy equipment dealer, we at PowerPro feel it’s our responsibility to ensure that we are providing our customers the very best solutions on the market. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we are official Branson Tractor dealers — and that we keep a line of Branson Tractors for sale in stock at all times!

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envy neighborhood vehicle for sale

The eNVy Neighborhood Vehicle for Sale at PowerPro

We’re proud to offer one of the most unique, headline-making pieces of home equipment: the eNVy electric vehicle. While we often hear it compared to a deluxe golf cart or camp cart, the eNVy truly is in a class of its own as far as style, features, and innovation are concerned. Since we currently offer the eNVy neighborhood vehicle for sale at PowerPro, we encourage you to learn more — and to schedule your test drive today.

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stihl dealer

Proud to be an Official Stihl Dealer in PA

At PowerPro, our mission has always been to ensure homeowners and professionals have the power they need to tackle any job. When an opportunity comes along to add a legendary line of power equipment to our inventory, we take it in a heartbeat. If we trust the equipment to make a difference for hardworking people, then we want it on our shelves and in our showrooms. That’s why we are very proud to announce that PowerPro is an official Stihl dealer!

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affordable zero turn mowers

Affordable Zero Turn Mowers: Starting Under $3,000

Zero turn lawn mowers are the undisputable professional choice for a great cut in far less time. More and more, homeowners want to bring the advantages and the unique feel of a zero turn to their backyard. However, since you might not have a huge budget, we’re profiling high-quality and affordable zero turn mowers — from the nation’s leading brands.

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what to look for in a zero turn mower

What to Look for in a Zero Turn Mower: 5 Key Traits

When you upgrade to the power and handling of a zero turn mower, mowing the lawn stops being a chore — and it starts being fun! All you need to do is find the right mower to deliver that experience. Here’s what to look for in a zero turn mower to guarantee it provides the performance you need, with the durability to make it last.

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should i repair or replace my lawn mower

Should I Repair or Replace My Lawn Mower?

This is the big question that homeowners and landscapers ask themselves when facing down any substantial repair bill. Deciding, “Should I repair or replace my lawn mower?” is all about weighing the pros and the cons to find the best long term financial value. The right choice for you depends on your mower, what it needs, and your budget — that’s what we’re digging into in today’s blog.

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best snow removal equipment

Our Guide to the Best Snow Removal Equipment

Whether we have an easy winter or we get slammed with blizzard after blizzard, you need a snow removal plan. There’s no feeling worse than facing down deep powder completely unequipped — with nothing but a few shovels. Whether you’re a homeowner with a driveway or you lead a facility maintenance team, winter weather is a problem. In today’s blog, we’re profiling the best snow removal equipment for both homeowners and professionals alike!

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snow blower buying guide

Snow Blower Buying Guide

You’ve shoveled your last driveway — you’re ready to handle this winter like a professional. A snow blower is the essential piece of power snow removal equipment to help you conquer the winter. To narrow down your decision, we’ve put together this snow blower buying guide to help you find the right type of equipment for your needs and your budget.

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buying new vs used construction equipment

Buying Used Construction Equipment: Pros & Cons

High-quality equipment is key to the success of a construction company — and it’s one of their primary expenses. That’s why shopping for new construction equipment can often be a balancing act between managing your budget and guaranteeing quality. Buying used construction equipment is a popular choice to avoid paying a premium price for new equipment as well as to enjoy a few other key benefits. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting the pros and cons of buying used.

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zero turn vs riding mower

Zero Turn vs Riding Mower: Find Your Best Choice

If it’s been awhile since you shopped for a new mower, the market might look different from what you remember. That’s because zero turn mowers have burst onto the scene as one of the most popular options for homeowners and landscapers. So, how do these units compare to the traditional tractor-style riding mowers? We’re breaking it down here — learn all about zero turn vs riding mowers.

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Ventrac Tractor

What Makes Ventrac Tractors So Powerful & Versatile?

If you’ve landed here, the chances are good that you’re just getting acquainted with the unique and rugged compact machines that are Ventrac tractors—and you want to know more. Here at PowerPro Equipment, we’re proud to be Central Pennsylvania’s leading Ventrac dealer, and we know all there is to know about these fantastic tractors, which define the old adage of “good things come in small packages.”

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Lawn Mowing

Your Mowing Questions Answered: What’s the Best Mower for Hills?

Mowing hills certainly vexes many property owners in our PowerPro service area here in Central PA, and we often get asked the question, “what’s the best mower for hills?” After all, if your property features a lot of hills or sloping terrain, it’s no secret that mowing these areas poses a unique challenge since most residential lawnmowers are not rated for mowing slopes greater than about 15 degrees. It’s just not safe to mow steep inclines due to rollover risk.

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Answers to Your Five Biggest FAQs About Mahindra Tractors

Are you in the market for a new sub-compact, compact, or larger utility tractor to get more work done around your property or in your commercial landscaping fleet? If so, you may be feeling overwhelmed at this point by the sheer number of great options out there from a dizzying array of tractor manufacturers and brands. Here at PowerPro Equipment, we want you to know that your tractor buying experience doesn’t have to be difficult when you consider Mahindra, The Official Tractor of Tough.

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grass types

Do You Know What Grass Type Your Lawn is Made Of?

As spring gets underway, it’s crucial to assess your lawn and know what type of grass you have so you know how to properly care for it during the growing—and mowing—season. It’s also important to see if you might need to reseed or overseed with a different species of grass that will better suit your expectations for your lawn.

Today’s post takes a closer look at some of the most popular—and easy-care—grass types that thrive in Pennsylvania lawns like those of our PowerPro Equipment customers. Read on to learn more.

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It’s Time to Transition to a Zero Turn Mower and Here’s Why

Everyone loves the smell of freshly cut grass. Unless, of course, you’re the one spending long Saturday afternoons mowing a vast sea of green with a typical lawn tractor.

While commercial lawn care services have long embraced the benefits of zero turn mowers to cut grass with more precision and efficiency, many consumers haven’t made the transition. That’s because zero turn mowers are typically larger and more expensive than most typical lawn tractors.

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The Complete Lawn Care Schedule: Your Guide to Year-Round Lawn Care Success

The key to keeping your grass lush and green throughout the growing season is a consistent maintenance routine. Doing the right things at the right time of year will ensure that your lawn gets the nutrients it needs while preventing many problems before they begin.

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Snow Removal

9 Tips to Make Snow Removal Easier During This Winter’s Biggest Snowstorms

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with snow. While there’s something magical about watching snow fall from the warmth of our homes, cleaning up that snow after the storm has passed is a big hassle most of us dread.

But there are ways to make snow cleanup faster and easier, even when a major snowstorm is heading your way. Here are our 9 best tips to make your snow removal experience much easier this winter.

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How to Cut Down A Tree Safely

How to Cut Down A Tree Safely and Precisely with a Chainsaw

If it’s time to cut down a tree on your property, learning how to cut down that tree safely should be the most important first step. Taking down a large tree is no small task, and making sure you have the right safety precautions and tools will enable your success.

Depending on the size and location of the tree you need to remove, you may want to take a few extra precautions or hire a professional. Keep reading to find out if you are ready to tackle that tree in your backyard. Never hesitate to contact a professional if you are still unsure about the best way to bring your tree down, or have concerns about damaging your nearby property.

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Battery-Powered Lawn Equipment

Should You Consider Battery-Powered Lawn Equipment?

The short answer to our headline question is yes. Battery-powered lawn equipment and other outdoor tools like blowers, chainsaws, and even mowers are better than ever with lengthy runtimes between charges and surprisingly robust power capabilities. However, there are still some drawbacks compared to traditional gas-powered lawn equipment.

Today’s blog post shares what you need to know as you think about dumping your old gas-powered equipment in favor of high-tech battery-powered models.

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Prepare Your Lawn for the Winter Months

How to Prepare Your Lawn for the Winter Months

The dog days of summer are finally behind us, replaced with chilly autumn days and brisk nights. While you may be enjoying a break from your regular mowing schedule, your quest for the perfect lawn is far from over. In fact, the work you do this fall will set the stage for next year’s lawn. Here’s how to prepare your lawn for the coming winter to get the best results next spring.

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The Best Tractors

The Best Tractors: Mahindra vs. Everyone Else

Here at PowerPro Equipment, we honestly believe that Mahindra is one of the best tractor manufacturers in existence today. The fact that many of their hardworking compact, sub-compact, and larger utility models are outselling the competition around the world is strong proof of their dedication to producing quality products that can get the job done.

And, the brand is also deeply committed to American manufacturing—with assembly and distribution facilities in five United States cities, including one in Bloomsburg, PA. This fact alone has helped Mahindra win the hearts of farmers, ranchers, and other property owners here in the USA.

So, why should you choose Mahindra over the competition? Today’s post gives you a few big reasons.

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Season Firewood

How to Season Firewood

While the temperatures outside continue to heat up, firewood is probably the last thing on your mind. But if you’re looking for an excuse to fire up the chainsaw, it might be a great time to start gathering logs to burn this winter. (And any time is a good time for chainsaw maintenance!)

Just make sure that any logs you cut now have plenty of time to dry before you burn them. Burning fresh-cut firewood or green wood produces a lot of smoke and is a big contributor to dangerous creosote buildup in chimneys, a leading cause of chimney fires.

Here are some tips to properly season your firewood, along with answers to a few frequently asked questions for better wood burning this winter.

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Organic Lawn Care

Make Your Yard Exceptional with Organic Lawn Care

The perfect, green lawn is a quest for the ages. In fact, U.S. households will spend nearly $6.6 billion on lawn and garden supplies this year alone to beautify their lawns and battle weeds. But growing concerns over chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides have prompted many consumers to begin looking for safer, healthier alternatives.

The answer is organic lawn care. Let’s explore how you can grow an exceptional lawn without synthetic fertilizers, dangerous chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides.

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The Mowers You Want

The Mowers You Want: Hustler Raptor vs. Spartan RZ Models

As an experienced property owner, you’ve likely upgraded your mowing equipment over the years to better suit both your lawn’s needs and how you like to mow.

But, have you made lawn mowing truly fun? If you’re looking at your rider and don’t feel inspired to drop everything and saddle up for mowing right this instant, the answer is no. Luckily, the latest zero-turn lineups from a few of our customer-favorite brands, Hustler and Spartan, offer a remedy to lawn maintenance boredom!

What if mowing was more like zipping around the motor speedway in a ridiculously powerful stock car than driving your humble commuter to work? Both the Hustler Raptor and Spartan RZ Pro series mowers can give you this adrenaline-pumping thrill that your current workaday lawn tractor can’t match.

Today’s post gives a little background on both of these standout ranges to show you what you’ve been missing in mowing excitement. And don’t worry—both fleets are available to test drive and fully appreciate in person at your nearest PowerPro location!

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Lawn Mower Maintenance

What Everyone Needs to Know About Lawn Mower Maintenance

The lawn mower is the unsung hero in our backyard arsenal. We expect it to start on the first pull without fail, cut through mountains of grass, handle rocks and debris, and keep right on working through the end of fall. Yet many of us skimp on lawn mower maintenance or skip it altogether.

But, lack of regular maintenance is one of the reasons why many lawn mowers don’t last as long as they should. According to HomeGuides, “The average lawn mower lasts eight to 10 years with proper maintenance and care. A lawnmower that is not maintained may last one-half that time.”

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to keep your mower in tip-top shape. In fact, most of the work can be completed at the end of the mowing season or before the first grass cut in the spring. Here’s a handy checklist on what to do during each season to get the most from your mower.

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