Thursday July 30, 2020

What Makes Ventrac Tractors So Powerful & Versatile?

Ventrac Tractor

If you’ve landed here, the chances are good that you’re just getting acquainted with the unique and rugged compact machines that are Ventrac tractors—and you want to know more. Here at PowerPro Equipment, we’re proud to be Central Pennsylvania’s leading Ventrac dealer, and we know all there is to know about these fantastic tractors, which define the old adage of “good things come in small packages.”

Read on to learn the answer to our title question for today’s post, as well as discover just a few of the other big reasons to choose Ventrac compact tractors.

The Key Advantage: Extreme Flexibility

Probably the biggest differentiator for Ventrac tractors over the competition—when it comes to both other compact utility tractors and purpose-built mowers—is an articulating and oscillating frame, called the FlexFrame.

Now, if the terms “articulating” and “oscillating” seem a bit technical, know that they mostly mean “extremely flexible” in more than one direction. Coupled with all-wheel drive and strong power steering, those technical terms equal a driving experience with a smoother ride, much better stability on varied terrain (including slopes), and better ground contact. You’ll discover that all the Ventrac compact tractors are impressively agile!

Check out the Ventrac manufacturer video demonstrating the FlexFrame to see it in action.

Other Big Ventrac Tractor Benefits

Although Ventrac tractors are compact in size, they pack a lot of big—and even some surprising—benefits for complete property care. They also look a bit different than your average zero-turn mower or the plain old riding tractor you may have now!

Enhanced Slope Mowing Capabilities

In our most recent blog post, we talked a lot about mowing on hills, which can present a serious safety issue if you don’t have the right equipment. Unfortunately, even some of the best zero turn mowers are not designed to mow slopes of more than about 10-15 degrees, which leaves owners of hilly properties with fewer choices when it comes to maintaining steeper slopes.

The Ventrac 4500 models, on the other hand, can safely mow slopes of up to 30 degrees (which equals about a 58% grade). If you don’t want to work harder to mow your hills with walk-behind solutions and aren’t quite ready to declare portions of your property “unmowable,” you owe it to yourself to seriously consider the Ventrac 4500K, 4500P, 4500Y, or 4500Z. (Note that the different letter designations relate to the different powertrains and engine options available—each has a traditional gas engine except the 4500Y, which is diesel-powered.)

A True Single Tractor Solution

As we’ve already touched on, Ventrac compact tractors compete with both utility tractors and with single-purpose riding lawnmowers. If you own a larger property, you probably realize that caring for your land with just a mower and some handheld grounds care equipment isn’t particularly efficient. You need something more like a compact utility tractor with tons of hard-working attachments—and while we often recommend Mahindra tractors—we realize not everyone has the storage space for such large-scale traditional equipment.

Luckily, the Ventrac 3000-series and 4000-series tractors have a small footprint—about the same as many purpose-built riding lawnmowers—but also have an extensive catalog of optional attachments to make year-round property care easy and convenient. Whether you need a power rake, trencher, tiller, snow plow, or even a stump grinder, Ventrac has an attachment for that!

A Unique Look

If you check out Ventrac’s YouTube channel, you’ll probably notice many comments about how these tractors look. It’s true that they have a kind of “retro” appearance with squared-off angles and a decidedly patriotic color scheme. This doesn’t appeal to everyone, of course, but the no-nonsense appearance of both the Ventrac 4500 tractors and the Ventrac 3400 tractors set them apart and leave little to the imagination when it comes to how rugged they are.

Made in the USA

While many tractor brands today are global—with manufacturing, parts sourcing, and more happening around the world—Ventrac compact tractors are proudly designed and built in Orrville, Ohio. It is important to note that the brand was recently acquired by another PowerPro favorite manufacturer—Toro. This new partnership will help Ventrac expand its product lines and continuing innovating well into the future.

But What About the Cost? I’ve Heard Ventrac Tractors are Expensive…

One of the top internet searches for Ventrac is, “how much does a Ventrac tractor cost?” And it’s true that these machines—especially when outfitted with some of the most popular optional attachments—have a somewhat premium price tag. The manufacturer knows their market position, however, and produced this helpful video to give you some comparisons to consider as you weigh Ventrac’s cost:

Seeing is Believing: Shop the Ventrac 4500 and More at PowerPro

So, have you searched for “Ventrac dealer near me” yet? Here in PA, you don’t have to travel far to check out the Ventrac 4500 or Ventrac 3400 series tractors in person—just stop by your nearest PowerPro Equipment location! Our knowledgable team members can arrange a test drive and answer all of your Ventrac questions.

We invite you to stop by and see us, or get in touch with us today!

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