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The Expert’s Guide to Ventrac Attachments & Accessories

Attachments and accessories for Ventrac machines

While winter maintenance and snow removal are important jobs, they don’t need to be exhausting. Ventrac’s snow blower attachment and tractor accessories make even the toughest jobs in the toughest conditions a breeze!

At PowerPro Equipment, we’ve been a Ventrac dealer in PA for many years – so we know a thing or two about the best Ventrac attachments for our area. Because of this, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to helping you find the right Ventrac accessories for your specific needs.

Keep reading to learn more about the many magnificent Ventrac attachments for sale or shop our complete offering online here!


Ventrac Snow Blower Attachments for SSV

The Ventrac SSV snow blower is the powerful one-pass snow removal and de-icing machine engineered with a proprietary system that can handle even the toughest winter storms. But even the greatest machines can be optimized with the right accessories! For those looking to maximize their Ventrac snow blowers with Ventrac attachments and accessories, here are our expert’s top picks…

Ventrac Snow Blower Attachments for SSV

NJ380 Sidewalk Snow Broom Attachment: The NJ380 Broom Attachment is designed for Ventrac SSV snow blowers and provides a powerful and reliable way to remove snow, debris, and slush from walkways. This particular Ventrac attachment features a working width of 38-inches and stiff bristles that can easily dig through packed snow and ice without damaging the surface below.

Ventrac snow broom for SSV


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NX340 Snow Blower Attachment: For commercial snow clearing operations, this Ventrac attachment is a game changer! Efficiently clearing sidewalks, driveways and other large areas with ease, the NX340 saves you both time AND energy. As a two-stage snow blower, it features a 12-3/16” diameter solid auger for the best snow transfer. Standard features include adjustable cast iron skid shoe discs at the rear, high carbon hardened steel shoes at the side, and a reversible high carbon harden steel cutting edge for optimal snow removal. Ask for this attachment from a Ventrac dealer near you – you won’t be disappointed!

Ventrac snowblower attachment

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NV360 V-Blade Attachment: The NV360 is an invaluable Ventrac snow blower addition to any fleet. This blade features a trip-edge that rotates and translates simultaneously in order to provide a flawless function in any direction. Its unique V-blade features make it the best functioning sidewalk snow removal blade on the market!

Ventrac V-plow for snow pushing

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NB200 Brine Kit: Brining has never been easier thanks to Ventrac’s accessory: the NB200 Brine Kit! Complete with a whopping 20-gallon tank, rear mounted nozzles, and a spray wand, you’ll find that this Ventrac accessory keeps you ahead of schedule and on-budget with every job.

accessory package for ventrac SSV

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Best Ventrac 4520 Attachments for Sale

KD Power Angle Blades: Ventrac’s KD Blades pair intense power with remarkable control for one attachment that does it all! Find the right size and series for your machine when you contact your nearest Ventrac dealer.

Ventrac SSV attachments

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KX Snow Blower: If you have commercial snow removal demands, you NEED this Ventrac snow blower! Between the standard features and customizable add-ons, this state-of-the-art snow blower has the ability to launch snow at astounding distances up to 40 feet.

Snow thrower attachment for Ventrac tractor

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KV552 V-Blade Snow Plow: Maximize productivity with the ability to quickly change from V plow to Scoop to straight blade, all from the convenience of Ventrac’s exclusive S.D.L.A. control system! With so much power, it quickly clears walkways and other areas that larger blades are unable to plow.

Ventrac tractor snow removal attachments

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Ventrac Dealers’ Top Picks for Winter Tractor Accessories

Sometimes all you need is a little winterization, not a complete snow removal ensemble. For those that fall into that cateogry, here are some Ventrac accessories to help keep you working hard all winter.

KW452 Winter Cab: Designed to bring exceptional visibility and comfort while providing the operator with a protected and comfortable environment, the KW452 is the ultimate solution for allowing you to perform in almost any condition. Because it is removable in under an hour and has an intermittent windshield wiper function, this Ventrac attachment is one of the most popular!

70.4133 Work Lights: When the weather gets colder, the days get shorter which means farmers, property managers, and land owners find themselves working in the dark more frequently. Ventrac’s work lights, compatible with all 4500 tractors, increase visibility in even foggy or snowy conditions – for safe operation ALL year round!


PowerPro Equipment: A Ventrac Dealer Near You

No matter what piece of winter equipment you’re looking for, PowerPro Equipment has it all. As one of the region’s top Ventrac dealers, we proudly offer an extensive selection of accessories to keep your winter operations running smoothly. From cutting edge Ventrac snow blower attachments to the indispensable KW452 Winter Cab, you can find everything you need and more at PowerPro Equipment! Visit one of our 8 convenient locations throughout PA or our website to shop Ventrac attachments for sale today.

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