Thursday April 29, 2021

Proud to be an Official Stihl Dealer in PA

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At PowerPro, our mission has always been to ensure homeowners and professionals have the power they need to tackle any job. When an opportunity comes along to add a legendary line of power equipment to our inventory, we take it in a heartbeat. If we trust the equipment to make a difference for hardworking people, then we want it on our shelves and in our showrooms. That’s why we are very proud to announce that PowerPro is an official Stihl dealer!

As a Stihl Elite Dealer, PowerPro offers a wide range of in-demand handhelds, ranging from nationally renowned Stihl chainsaws to leaf blowers, edgers, and much more. For close to 100 years, the Stihl name has been synonymous with intuitive designs and superior power. See some of the standouts that we now offer as an official Stihl dealer — and stop into our participating showrooms to stock up on everything you need!

Stihl Chainsaws — Starting at $209.99

stihl chainsaws

The Stihl equipment brand has long represented the partnership of German engineering and USA-made durability. Nowhere is this unity more evident than in their famous line of gas and electric chainsaws. The best-selling chainsaw in the world, Stihl chainsaws are often independently ranked as the best performing chainsaw in the world as well!

We offer 36 different models of Stihl chainsaws that range from small saws meant for homeowners to large models meant for professional crews. All of these options are built to the same degree of quality and are backed by the same iron-clad warranty. Any saw for residential use is backed by a 2-year warranty — while a commercial saw is backed by a 90-day warranty.

For just over $200, you have access to an entry level line of Stihl chainsaws that come with an effective blade length ranging from 12 to 16 inches and weighs just under 10 pounds. This is the perfect piece of equipment for easily handling any backyard chores with ease.

However, if you’re looking to invest your heavy equipment budget in a power tool that your crews will love, we also offer heavy-duty commercial sized chainsaws. These elite saws come with an effective blade length of up to 41 inches and weigh over 20 pounds. Simply put, these saws make fast work of even the thickest trees and other materials.

See the complete list of our saws!

Ready to feel the power of Stihl in person? Come visit your nearest showroom!

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Other In-Demand Stihl Power Equipment

At PowerPro, we have access to a wide range of Stihl power equipment. Each of these pieces packs the user-first design philosophy and built-in power. Here’s some of the Stihl power equipment you can shop for today:

stihl power equipment

Augers & Drills — Starting at $499.99

See More > stihl blowers

Blowers — Starting at $139.99

See More > stihl edgers

Edgers — Starting at $259.99

See More > stihl trimmers

Trimmers — Starting at $139.99

See More >

As our relationship with this brand continues, we may be able to offer even more product lines of Stihl power equipment to provide solutions for our customers!

Only Available for Sale at Official Stihl Dealers

One other reason that we wanted to bring this line of elite products to our customers is that Stihl is an exclusive brand — that only wants to be represented by knowledgeable Stihl dealers. That means you can’t find Stihl products at big box hardware stores or other large retail chains. We respect that they want to ensure anyone using one of their products has been given the chance to talk to an expert before they buy!

Have questions? Talk to our knowledgeable team!

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