Monday March 5, 2018

When a Remote-Controlled Spider is Right for You

When a Remote

Lawn mowers are great because they help you keep your landscape and home in presentable condition, but sometimes the discerning homeowner wants to tackle that vast green lawn in a better way. With advances in mowing technology, we can now mow quicker, more safely, and more efficiently, affording us greener, more attractive lawns with only a fraction of the effort. There’s no better way to enjoy those same results than with a remote-controlled Spider Mower.

How do you know if a Spider is right for you and your lawn?

When time is of the essence

Not everyone has an entire afternoon to mow, not when you lose time repositioning the next line, turning, and having to go over spots the mower missed. You should only have to make a single pass with each line, and a Spider can help you do that. Time is money, and when you’re equipped with a mower like this one, you’ll save both time and money—and in the business world, that’s everything.

When productivity is crucial

The high productivity delivered by a Spider mower can match that of 15 workers armed with brush cutters, or a single boom mower towed by a tractor. Thanks to the patented drive system, every move is precise and productive. This eliminates time wasted by turning the mower, repositioning it before a new line, or avoiding obstacles. Below is a table depicting the typical range of productivity rates you can expect with a Spider Mower. Remember: productivity rate will also be dependent on the operator’s experience, the degree of the slope, ground conditions, and grass density.


Per hour Beginner Operator Experienced Operator
Obstacles, difficult terrain,
severe slope
1500 sqm/h
0.4 acres/h
3000 sqm/h
0.75 acres/h
Minimum obstacles
Reasonable slope
3000 sqm/h
0.75 acres/h
4000 sqm/h
1.25 acres/h

Source: Spider-mower.com.au

When you’re concerned about your safety

Mowing can be hazardous if done on uneven or steeply sloped terrain, or if you’re doing it around dangerous obstacles, such as roadsides or in tight spaces. With a remote-controlled mower, you can safely mow from a distance. You can stay out of harm’s way and still get the job done in record time and under even the toughest conditions.

The ergonomic controls keep you comfortable and safe as you mow over slopes and across rugged terrain. It doesn’t get much safer than that. The biggest safety advantage between a remote-controlled Spider Mower and conventional tractors or ride-on-mowers, particularly on slopes, is that you won’t have to worry about the roll-over hazard. Without an on-board operator, you also won’t have to deal with collision hazards from mowing around trees.

Compared to brush cutters, the Spider is not only more efficient, but safer as well. Operators of a Spider won’t have to stand on tricky slopes that are covered in debris or cut grass, which means a reduction in slip hazards and strains.

When precision or tight spaces demand a better machine

The versatility and climbing ability of a remote-controlled Spider mower are unparalleled when it comes to precision mowing. The sheer variety of places the Spider can cut include:

  • Power plants
  • Golf courses
  • Riverbanks
  • Reservoirs
  • Gardens
  • Municipal areas
  • Orchards and vineyards
  • Dam walls
  • Landfills
  • Military facilities
  • And more

It won’t matter if you’re in a tight space, steep terrain, or rough ground. The Spider was designed to be versatile in its ability to cut a variety of terrain, even on slopes up to 55 degrees.

When you’re worried about improving grounds care

The whole point of mowing is to improve the quality and look of the grounds, so naturally you want to use equipment that won’t damage the ground itself as many larger or heavier mowers might. The 4WD Spider Mower is lightweight to minimize ground damage, such as rutting. The Spider Mower also mulches its mowed material, rather than stop at just cutting as brush-cutters do. That makes the Spider ideal for not only extensive mowing projects involving heavy grass, but for parks and gardens as well.

Since the Spider makes mowing on slopes so effortless, you’ll be able to tackle difficult slopes more often, reducing weeds that might shadow grass, as well as improving slope protection and stability over time.

When you’re trying to preserve capital or lower operating costs

With a more productive piece of equipment, you spend less on hours, which translates to lower operating costs. The initial capital cost of a remote-controlled Spider Mower is comparable to other specialist mowing equipment, but it’s the low fuel running costs and higher productivity capabilities that will make the return on your investment obvious.

Simply put, the Spider offers a safe and highly productive mower to handle a variety of mowing tasks. With one mower that can handle difficult slopes or uneven terrain, you’ll require less machinery and fewer operators to get the same job done—and that amounts to even more savings. If those things matter, then a remote-controlled Spider may be right up your alley!



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