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Why Mahindra is the Top Selling Tractor in the World

Why Mahindra is the Top Selling Tractor in the World

It’s true that Mahindra is a #1 bestselling compact tractor brand throughout the world, though we realize that you may not have become acquainted yet. A relative newcomer in North America compared to many other favorite tractor brands, Mahindra USA set up shop in Texas in the mid-1990s. And the brand has been winning diehard fans and earning a solid reputation as a durable, hardworking tractor option ever since. Today we’re taking a look at why you should seriously consider Mahindra for your next equipment purchase. 98% of current Mahindra customers recommend that you do, and you certainly don’t have to search hard to find a Mahindra enthusiast or a proud dealer like us here at PowerPro Equipment.

A Hardworking Legacy

Originating from the largest tractor market in the world in India in the early 1960s thanks to a partnership with International Harvester, Mahindra today has become a favorite choice for farmers and property owners in every major country. Here in the United States, Mahindra USA has taken a grassroots approach to growth and proving themselves worthy of a customer base known for their strong opinions and brand loyalty. In fact, it all started with just one man, Rip Evans, and a trailer full of Mahindra tractors that took a million-mile promotional tour all around the US from 1988-1994. Rip and his robust demonstration fleet allowed folks to meet Mahindra face-to-face and truly understand why the brand had already taken much of the rest of the world by storm.

The American agricultural industry was impressed by what they experienced with Mahindra, and by 2010, the brand had reached the milestone of selling more tractors by volume than any of its competitors throughout the world. This followed several years of Mahindra being recognized with awards and prizes for quality. In 2003, Mahindra was the world’s first tractor company to capture the prestigious Deming Application Prize, and in 2007, they took home the Japan Quality Medal, also as the first tractor company to win. As the trophy case filled, the brand deepened its commitment to the US market, and now has assembly and distribution facilities in five United States cities, including one in Bloomsburg, PA – right here in PowerPro’s Central PA backyard!

Commitment to Quality…and to People

We’ve already touched on it, but Mahindra’s unwavering commitment to quality is what has brought the brand so much success and industry accolades. Although they produce a staggeringly wide variety of tractor models and sizes to handle any possible job, from plowing heavy snows to earth-moving and excavating to general farm work, Mahindra tractors are designed to be tough and durable. They are also well known for the ability to produce maximum power and torque without wasting precious fuel. Whether you’re in the market for a compact, sub-compact, or larger utility tractor, Mahindra’s full lineup is equally well-built to meet customers’ high standards.

Mahindra has always been dedicated to serving all of their owners and potential customers with integrity, too. This shines through in the company’s strong social responsibility initiatives that include supporting Future Farmers of America and other agriculture education projects in the US. And it also shows in their best-in-class warranties. All Mahindra tractors come with either 5 or 7-year powertrain warranties that provide better peace of mind than those offered by competitor brands.

Unrivaled Versatility

Here at PowerPro Equipment, we take pride in selling only the best brands in power equipment, and we particularly appreciate those brands that innovate by building fantastic versatility into their products. In the world of tractors, Mahindra provides so many different choices and options that you may find yourself only needing to rely on just one tractor to get all of your work done. Choose between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, a variety of transmission types, and tons of attachments and implements like snowblowers, backhoes, planting tools and mower decks. Or, if you’re more the type of experienced tractor user who likes to have a whole fleet of machinery at your disposal for different tasks, Mahindra can also fit the bill for the same reasons. Buy one tractor for lawn maintenance and another for your farm work!

Want to get to know Mahindra tractors for yourself? We carry all of the most popular models in several different Mahindra series. From the sub-compact EMax tractors that are perfect for mowing and snow removal to the 4500-series utility tractors that can power through almost any farm chore, we’re sure there’s a bright red Mahindra tractor that’s perfect for you. Come check them out at our New Holland, Lebanon, York, or Westchester showroom or get in touch with us today for more information about Mahindra tractors.

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