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Wednesday November 14, 2018

Treat Your Mower Right This Fall

Treat Your Mower Right This Fall

Is it safe to say we’re finally done mowing for the year?

While you might still be doing a little leaf-mulching and clean-up with your trusty walk behind, tractor, or zero turn lawnmower, we all know it’s about time to park it for the winter and gear up for snow removal.

(Let’s observe a moment of silence for all the sweat we put into the yard this summer…can you hear that bugle playing “Taps?”)

Okay – that was a touching moment. But now another end-of-season question – do you just lock your mower in the shed or the barn and deal with maintenance in March or April?

We hope you didn’t just say yes!

Your mower deserves better…

You’ve made a significant investment in your mower, and you spend so much quality time with it all summer – now is not the time to abandon it, dirty all over, in desperate need of an oil change, and with dull, dinged-up blades! Show it some love before tucking it away!

Luckily, PowerPro is here to help you out with three simple letters: PMP. That’s our Preventative Maintenance Plan, and you’ll get a 10% discount if you schedule your service before December 29, 2018! (It’s a really fantastic deal, if we do say so ourselves.) Check out all the great things we do for your mower…

Our PMP Service Includes:

  • A thorough inspection of the mower and deck
  • Blade sharpening
  • Full engine filter replacement
  • Engine oil change
  • Belt inspection and adjustments
  • All-over lubrication and greasing
  • Steering linkage adjustment
  • Wheel lug torqueing
  • Cooling system cleaning
  • Winterization of the fuel system

And if you need parts or repair service, we will always give you an honest quote before just diving in.

Our experienced service technicians are lawn equipment owners themselves, after all, and respect your wallet as much as they respect your expectation for high-quality, no-details-overlooked work.

Why you should do maintenance now, not later

When you pull your mower back out in the spring, you want it to be ready to go, plain and simple. You can almost see your yard getting longer by the minute when the weather warms up, and you know that it’s a race to get ahead of your neighbors on lawn care (before they start wondering what’s wrong with you)!

Treat your mower for a job well done this season

Of course, if you left last year’s gas in the tank and have a bunch of debris contaminating the (dirty, old) oil in your oil tank, your mower may not even start. And that means it’s time for rushed, last-minute maintenance just so you can get to work, which means you may have to neglect less pressing tasks like adjusting the steering or making sure your deck is totally clean.

Your mower doesn’t deserve to suffer from your lack of planning! Make that service appointment now and show your mower how much you care.

By doing maintenance now, you’ll be ahead of the curve.

Imagine the look on next door neighbor Dave’s face when you’re out mowing in late March while he’s loading his zero turn onto the trailer to bring it to the shop. In that satisfying moment, you’ve basically won lawn care for the entire season! And poor Dave is left rethinking his priorities in life as he’s making the long journey to drop off his mower. Ah, sweet victory…

End-of-season maintenance is a smart money move

It bears repeating that we will literally reward you for maintaining your mower now instead of waiting until spring. Here at PowerPro Equipment, when you sign up for our Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP) and schedule your service before December 29, 2018, we’ll take 10% off your invoice.

Whether you have a zero turn, a walk behind, a lawn tractor, a single-blade push mower, or even a gas-powered utility vehicle, we can offer you a great deal this fall. Plus, we provide service for many more types of equipment – just give us a call today at 1-800-832-2228 for more information and to sign up for our PMP!

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